Garage Organizing Wall Systems

Garages are a natural storage space for any home, but many people have yet to properly utilize this space. With OGI Garage Organizing Wall Systems, you can maximize your storage space and effectively organize your belongings. Most people will use their garage every day, so having a clean and organized garage is incredibly convenient. However, without enough storage space, you will slowly lose control of your garage to the clutter.

Here at OGI, we offer a variety of garage organizing wall systems, so you can regain control of your garage and find storage space for all the clutter. You will no longer have to wade through miscellaneous belongings to get to your car. Our garage organizing wall systems include the Silver Track Wall System, Safe Rack Overhead, Storewall Panels and Garage Cabinetry.

Silver Track Garage Organizing Wall Systems

Our Silver Track Wall System is one of our most versatile organization options. This all-steel wall rack system allows you to properly organize a myriad of different belongings. You can add a variety of hooks to store all types of items. Also, only the silver tracks connect to the wall. Thus, you can swap out hooks with ease without performing additional drilling and punching more holes in your walls.

Safe Rack Overhead

The overhead rack system allows you to get the most out of all your garage’s space. We will custom engineer these systems to fit any garage’s layout. These systems also fit snugly above overhead garage doors. Storing seasonal items like lawn furniture and holiday decorations has never been easier.

Our safe rack overhead system’s dimensions reach up to 4×8 feet, so you have plenty of room to store your belongings. There are many different configurations, so the system can fulfill your unique requirements.

Storewall Panels

The storewall panel system is another effective method for maximizing your storage space. These panels fit well above workbenches or inside of your garage cabinets. They also come in a variety of colors to match your cabinetry and flooring. Whether you’re storing gardening supplies, tools, ladders or sporting equipment, our storewall system is perfect for the job. Furthermore, these systems are expandable. You can adjust your storewall panels any time at which you need a different configuration.

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Garage Cabinets| Garage Organizing Wall Systems

Our garage cabinetry systems are an incredible addition to any garage. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of these systems, so we can customize them to fit your garage perfectly. 

OGI garage cabinets offer both style and functionality. You can create the storage space you need while implementing an aesthetic that suits your tastes. When combined with our garage flooring polyaspartic epoxy, our garage cabinet systems will make your garage look like a photo out of a magazine. Furthermore, you can find a place for anything that is cluttering your garage.

When a garage doesn’t have proper storage space, clutter slowly begins to accumulate over time. As a result, you lose control over your own garage. Even walking to your car can become a hassle without proper storage space. However, OGI can design and install a cabinet system that eliminates all the clutter in your garage. You will have ample space for any and all miscellaneous items, so you can regain control of your garage.

Garage Cabinets Key Features

  • Adjustable 1″ thick shelves
  • Thermally-fused laminate
  • Fully-integrated back
  • Clean, white interior
  • Durable hardware options
  • Euro-style hinges
  • Optional 2mm thick edge band
  • Wall-Mounted

Custom Garage Cabinets | Garage Organizing Wall Systems

In addition to the functional construction and design of our cabinets, we can customize them to fit unique requirements. We understand that everyone has different ideas for their ideal garage. Thus, we work closely with our customers to identify what they consider to be essential. We can install add-ons like built-in sinks and televisions or even a bar area, so your new garage works best for you.

Additionally, our in-house manufacturing team has complete control of the dimensions of our cabinet systems. As a result, we can create custom cabinet systems for any existing garage space.

Examples of Custom Garage Cabinet Add-ons

  • Sinks
  • Custom Designs for Sporting Equipment
  • Hideaway Hose
  • Bar Area
  • Trophy Showcase
  • Ski-Storage
  • Televisions
  • Trash Bins

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