Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind garage renovation? From organization solutions to countless flooring and cabinetry options, Ohio Garage Interiors has numerous garage ideas! 

Storage Solutions

Not getting the degree of organization needed with current garage organization systems?  Ohio Garage Interiors combines four garage storage solutions. Utilize unused space and maximize garage storage by getting organized with OGI!

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Garage Cabinets

Transform any garage with OGI’s signature cabinets. Cabinets bring empty space to the next level. Boost functionality with many customizable add-on options! Find the ideal shelving or drawer system for both small and large items. From lockers and trash receptacles to lighting and counter space, OGI creates the perfect layout.

Omni Track Garage Storage Systems

Get the most out of your garage. If a dedicated workplace is the goal of renovation, you’ll need enough room to work. Depending on the size of the garage, whether it’s a single-car or two-car garage, free space tends to be an issue. Especially, if both cars are typically parked inside. When it comes to creating more room, it’s critical to consider wall space. That’s where Omni Track comes in. Omni Track’s hook and rail system uses an array of accessories. Choose from hooks, brackets, and bins to clear clutter and hang belongings. Organize anything from gardening tools and automotive supplies to sports equipment and bicycles!

Storewall Systems

If you like Omni Track, then you’ll love Storewall! Storewall systems can transform an entire wall into an organization machine. These systems are innovative and expandable. Use Storewall above workbenches or even within cabinets! Create an efficient organization layout with hook, holder, and shelf options. Storewall accessories are great for all types of storage. For example, hang power tools, extension cords, and hoses on hooks. Next, stick screwdrivers and other small tools to magnetic tool bar strips for easy access! Then, organize nuts, bolts, and other small materials using various baskets and shelving. The possibilities are endless!

Overhead Garage Storage Systems

Hanging space is often not taken advantage of. Overhead storage solutions are the perfect garage idea for infrequently used items such as seasonal items. It’s silly for items like this to take up space on the garage floor. Instead, store them up and out of the way! OGI uses Safe Rack overhead storage systems that are up to 4-feet by 8-feet in size. Easily conceal these racks above the overhead garage doors! Safe Racks are a secure, durable, and innovative way of storing seasonal tires, patio furniture, decorations, and more. In addition, OGI has wall-mounted shelving for convenient access to more common items. Discover the best fit for the needs of your garage environment!

Garage Ideas | Interior Design Options

An organized space is key to a successful garage space. However, appearance is extremely important as well. Often, the garage is a guest’s first impression of the home itself. A tidy space is a key to the puzzle, but a gorgeous design shouldn’t be overlooked. Therefore, OGI offers a wide range of cabinetry, lighting, and flooring solutions.

Garage Cabinets | Interior Design Options

Convert your space with signature garage cabinets featuring sturdy structure and dimensions up to 48″ wide. Plus, wall-mounted cabinets make cleaning hassle-free and protect against moisture. As a result, you’ll never worry about sagging, warping or delamination!

Put the final touches on brand new garage cabinets with an array of countertops and hardware options that complement any interior. First, choose the cabinetry layout and color. Next, select the work top and laminate. Last but not least, create the perfect space with custom add-ons and options. Whether it’s a built-in carpentry station or bar area, OGI creates original designs just for you!

Polyaspartic Epoxy Flooring | Interior Design Options

The best garage ideas include a durable, easy to clean, attractive flooring. OGI uses an accelerated polyaspartic epoxy and a hybrid polymer that is four times stronger and more flexible than average epoxy flooring. Our polyaspartic epoxy is also stain-resistant and non-porous, permanently bonding to the cement for maximum protection against wear and tear. In addition, flooring ties the whole look of the garage together. Consequently, OGI offers numerous polyaspartic epoxy options including Deco Flakes, Organic Mica, and Metalic Series. Get creative with OGI to design the garage you’ve always envisioned!

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