At OGI, we commonly get asked which bike racks for garage space we recommend.  From standing solutions to hanging and wall systems, has numerous options.  Ohio Garage Interiors neatly organizes your space, making it easy to find sporting equipment.  As a result, you spend less time looking for items and more time enjoying the hobbies you love! 

OGI understands Ohio.  When the weather is good, take full advantage of it! Don’t waste time digging through the garage, unburying a bicycle.  Keep it organized with an array of garage bike racks! 

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Omni Track Wall | Stonewall Systems

Omni Track Systems and Storewall Systems are innovative and customizable storage solutions. Using a hook and rail system, a complete lineup of hooks, baskets, racks, and shelves can be attached! Garage Wall Systems keep items up and out of the way by utilizing wall space. With the garage Bike Rack accessory, simply attach your bicycle to the wall!

OGI offers vertical bikes racks, horizontal bikes racks, standing bike racks, and overhead bike racks! Contact us today to talk options!

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