Open Shelves vs. Closed Garage Storage Cabinets

Picking the Best Garage Storage Cabinets

When renovating their garages, many people immediately opt for open shelves. Sure, they come in many shapes and materials, but shelves have a number of major limitations: their contents are on display for all to see, they offer relatively little storage space because of their limited depth and most of them will eventually bend or buckle under the weight of heavier articles, or because they were improperly attached to the wall. What’s more, given the fact that most floors are left as uncovered concrete, which continually produces dust, the articles on the shelves are often covered in dust themselves, a fact that discourages us from storing articles in the garage in the first place.

Garage Storage Cabinets and Garage TilesStoring articles in cabinets that were designed specifically for your garage offers two main benefits: first, the many different seasonal articles, tools and other sundry items–often not all that attractive to look at–are stored behind closed doors, creating a more uniform look to the garage; and second, the cabinet shelves and drawers are of the highest quality, offering strength and durability that meet the heavy duty needs of your residential garage. Thermo-fused melamine are a far superior choice to open shelves: they offer greater storage space and create a far more aesthetically pleasing environment, both of which add to the value of your property. What’s more, they’re easy to organize according to themes, like maintenance products, paint, hardware, tools, furniture, etc., which makes it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for while encouraging everyone to put things back after use. A place for everything, and everything in its place–it’s the secret to a clean, orderly, well-organized garage.

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