Prior To Winter You Need Polyaspartic Garage Floor Installers Near Me

November 16, 2022|Categories: Convert Your Garage, Epoxy Flooring Applications, Epoxy Flooring Companies, Epoxy Garage Flooring, Natural Stone Alternative, Natural Stone Cost, Natural Stone Flooring, Natural Stone Maintenance, Natural Stone Problems, OhioGarage Interiors|

Don’t let another winter arrive without finally protecting your garage floor. Whether your concrete garage floor is old or brand new, garage floor resurfacing from Ohio Garage Interiors can protect your existing floor and give you a beautiful and supremely durable new surface before another [...]

Why Look for Natural Stone Alternatives?

May 25, 2022|Categories: Natural Stone Alternative|

Natural Stone Alternatives If you live in a suburban neighborhood, you’ve probably seen a garage floor furnished with a natural stone epoxy coating. When first installed, customers cannot contain their excitement. The new floor looks beautiful and it transforms the garage, creating a [...]

The Hidden Costs of Nature Stone Flooring You Need to Know

January 22, 2022|Categories: Epoxy Garage Flooring, Natural Stone Flooring|Tags: , , , |

[ez-toc] The REAL Cost of $0.99 / Square Foot Nature Stone Flooring We’ve all seen the ads for gorgeous, glossy nature stone flooring that promise a durable, beautiful floor for your basement or garage. Nature stone contractors make their floors even more tempting by [...]