Make your Garage an Extension of your Home

Elevate Your Garage Space with Ohio’s Leading Garage Designers

In the past few years, modern home improvement and design have driven garages to become more than just grey, boring storage areas where you park the family car. In fact, the garage is now a crucial aspect of interior design, and many families are transforming their garages into direct extensions of their homes.

The trend to customize and redesign residential garages began in southern California. The milder, warmer weather allowed people to comfortably spend more time in their garages. This trend would then spread to all other areas of the country with the introduction of garage air conditioners and heaters. However, a beautiful garage transformation starts with durable, stylish flooring that matches the rest of your home.

Installing a visually stunning new garage floor with professional contractors is the first step in transforming your garage. Nowadays, families need garages that not only can hold 3 or more cars, but they also need room to make additions like exercise areas, workshops, and more. With so much more activity, your concrete flooring will need reliable protection to withstand high-frequency traffic.

Industrial grade garage floor coatings can give your dusty concrete floors an elegant new finish. Working with professional contractors will ensure your new garage floor is tailored to meet your specific sense of style. As a result, your garage will seamlessly transition into the rest of your home. Most importantly, your new garage floor coatings will protect the underlying concrete from virtually any incoming wear and tear.

Why not install new flooring yourself?

For many Ohio homeowners, professional garage flooring installation seems like a luxury they simply cannot afford. Thus, they prefer to turn towards cheaper alternatives like DIY epoxy or paint kits. DIY flooring products are sold in nearly every hardware or home improvement store at exceptionally low prices. So, homeowners view them as a convenient alternative that allows them to cut out the middleman and save some money.

However, DIY flooring products often consist of low-quality materials to drive down prices. So, the new flooring quickly forms a variety of unsightly defects like warping, bubbling, and chipping. As a result, you have to spend more time and money on repairs, often performing full replacements of the DIY kit you just bought.

With reputable companies like OGI, you can avoid deceptively convenient DIY flooring products. When you install epoxy garage flooring with trained professionals, you will receive a higher quality product with far more value than low-cost alternatives.

Why choose epoxy garage flooring?

Epoxy is a unique thermosetting resin consisting of various polymers that form incredibly strong surfaces. Concrete is a naturally rigid and brittle material, leaving it vulnerable to most forms of wear and tear. OGI’s high-performance epoxy is designed with polyaspartic polyurea, so it can protect from a full range of hazards from vehicle traffic to corrosive chemicals. After application, the epoxy materials cure and form a permanent bond with the underlying concrete, ensuring your new flooring lasts for years after installation.

Protection is just one of many benefits of installing epoxy garage flooring. In fact, there are many other reasons why epoxy flooring is the ideal upgrade for any garage:

Epoxy is makes cleaning safer and easier:

Polyaspartic epoxy forms a topcoat that offers both impermeability and slip-resistance. As a result, any dirt, dust, or stains that reach the surface cannot sink into the flooring. More importantly, you do not have to worry about slipping while you are mopping the floor.

Higher strength, longer lifespans, better value:

Coating your garage floor with high-strength, industrial-grade epoxy will protect the concrete from a full range of potential hazards. Unlike other flooring products, dirt, dust, mold, mildew, flooding, road, salts, and even corrosive chemicals cannot chip away at polyaspartic epoxy. In fact, OGI tailors flooring solutions for optimal performance in Ohio’s unique climate, ensuring your new garage floor withstands even the worst Ohio weather conditions. Furthermore, long-lasting polyaspartic epoxy minimizes maintenance and repairs, saving you time and money.

Epoxy is fully customizable with countless colors and finishes:

Polyaspartic epoxy is an incredibly versatile material that allows for the implementation of many different styles. Whether you want a glossy, solid color finish or a more textured design, you can do it with epoxy garage flooring. A popular choice for epoxy flooring is decorative flakes. OGI’s unique DecoFlake system offers a diverse selection of flake colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns, so you can pick the perfect look for your new floor.

Free inspections and quotes:

You should always know exactly what you are going to pay before agreeing to install epoxy garage flooring. Schedule an in-home inspection with OGI prior to planning your next project. An expert garage flooring contractor will visit your home, inspect your garage floor, and provide you with a quote for free! So, you can decide whether professional installation is right for you and your wallet.

If you have been looking to transform your garage into a welcoming extension of your living space, epoxy garage flooring is a great place to start. You may be unsure of what is best for your specific garage, so do not be afraid to contact OGI and discuss your options with Ohio’s leading interior design specialists.

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