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When to Invest in Garage Concrete Repair

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If you are noticing cracks in your concrete garage floor, it’s time to invest in garage concrete repair. Even if your garage is just a space for you to park your car and store your tools, no one wants to deal with a cracked floor that could lead to serious issues.

Before investing in concrete floor restoration, it’s important to diagnose the cracks in your concrete floor. Then you will know the severity of the problem and what to expect from a garage flooring solution.

Why Is My Garage Floor Cracked?

First and foremost, know that it’s extremely common for concrete garage floors to crack, especially in Northeast Ohio. There are a number of factors that contribute to this problem but mostly it’s due to shrinking, poor garage floor installation, and drainage.

Shrinking Garage Floor

Once concrete surfaces are laid down, it’s common for them to shrink during the curing process. The concrete itself shifts and moves and that doesn’t always result in a level surface. This causes cracking to occur, which can spread throughout your garage floor over time.

Poor Garage Floor Installation

Part of the reason you need garage concrete repair could be because your floor wasn’t installed properly. In some cases, if a thin slab of concrete isn’t supported by steel bars or wires, it is extremely prone to cracking. That’s because there isn’t a stable gravel base to maintain and protect the concrete.

In addition to completing concrete floor restoration, Ohio Garage Interiors installs polyaspartic epoxy floors that are placed right every time. Customers count on us for a thorough floor installation process that gives them a completed product that lasts 20 years or more.

Drainage Problems

If your garage doesn’t have an adequate drainage system, this can create cracks and other issues. Poor drainage ultimately results in flooding that weakens the foundation of your floor. If you have dense soil under your garage, it can cling to the excess water and freeze it during the winter. Having this ice trapped under your garage floor forces the concrete to heave and eventually crack.

Ways to Get Your Commerical Flooring Project Started

Ohio Garage Interiors is currently working with a commercial flooring partner. Schedule your free on-site consultation today.

Now You Know the Problem | What’s the Garage Concrete Repair Solution?

Depending on how many cracks you have on your concrete, the extent of the repairs will vary. Before you make the decision to invest in concrete floor restoration, the experts at Ohio Garage Interiors can evaluate your garage floor for free. We can then provide a quote and suggestions for the best plan for your garage renovation. We are a family-owned and operated business and we take pride in our integrity and honesty, so you can trust that we are providing an accurate assessment of your garage concrete repair.

If you choose us among garage flooring companies near me, we can get to work. Ohio Garage Interiors uses a two-day installation process to allow for enough time to complete concrete repairs and then lay our polyaspartic epoxy floor coating. Whereas other garage renovation companies promise a fast one-day job, we prefer to take our time and allow our flooring materials to fully bond with the concrete base, giving you the strongest floor possible.

The Garage Concrete Repair Process

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Our two-day garage concrete repair process will leave you with a complete garage floor that’s resistant to wear and tear, rust and corrosion, and heavy traffic. So how do we deliver this incredible garage floor installation? Here’s our process:

Clear the space: First, we will need you to clean out your garage. Our team is willing and able to help with this process. This is a critical step because epoxy will seal best when it’s applied to a clean, dirt-free surface.

Diamond Grinding: Next we will grind the concrete with a mechanical machine. Our grinding machine is designed with diamond tooling which means it opens the pores of the concrete. This allows our basecoat to soak into the concrete and develop an extremely strong bond.

Garage Concrete repair: Once the grinding is complete, we can repair any existing damages or defects in the floor. Whatever level of concrete floor restoration you need, our team will work hard to create a smooth, even surface before we apply the polyaspartic epoxy coating.

Basecoat and vinyl flakes: Then, our team will apply a base coat that includes a high-grade epoxy. At this time, we can also add in vinyl flakes of your choice for custom options. 

Topcoat: The final step in our garage floor installation is to apply our durable topcoat. Our topcoat is called “polyaspartic polyurea” and it is the strongest material on the market. The topcoat will ensure your floor is resistant to all forms of wear and tear for 20 years or more. You’ll never again have to worry about garage concrete repair!

Choose Ohio Garage Interiors | Garage Flooring Companies Near Me

For the best garage concrete repair in Northeast Ohio, choose Ohio Garage Interiors. Our dedicated team and our thorough repair process will leave you with a floor that lasts, so you never have to worry about concrete floor restoration again. Plus, our floors are fully customizable and we have a range of colors and patterns for you to choose from.

Ready to get started with our garage concrete repair? Contact us today.

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