The Hidden Costs of Natural Stone Flooring You Need to Know

The REAL Cost of $0.99 / Square Foot Natural Stone Flooring

Stacks of 100-dollar bills | Natural stone flooring costsWe’ve all seen those ads for gorgeous, glossy natural stone flooring.  They promise a durable, beautiful floor for your basement or garage that is easy to maintain.  In addition, they make their floors even more tempting to homeowners by claiming they are only $0.99 per square foot!  Sign me up today, right? 

Not surprisingly, though, these natural stone flooring with epoxy coating cost quite a bit more per square foot than advertised, especially when you consider all the hidden costs and risks associated with them. If you don’t do your research beforehand with natural stone coat epoxy, you may end up with a host of problems. 

Learn more about the problems with natural stone coat epoxy below, or check out Ohio Garage Interiors’ superior garage flooring solutions.

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The prep and installation work adds significant cost per square foot.

Before these types of “epoxy stone flooring” can be installed, the underlying substructure must be properly prepared and leveled. The preparation work adds up, which makes epoxy stone flooring options realistically between $9.00 and $14.00 per square foot, even with the low price that’s advertised. This leaves customers shocked and confused after  they’ve suffered a bait and switch for responding to a $0.99 per square foot offer on epoxy stone flooring.

There’s a reason you should be wary of natural stone flooring, like pebble stone flooring / pebble stone epoxy, as opposed to Ohio Garage Interior’s tried and true process.

Here at Ohio Garage Interiors, we offer cost-efficient flooring with sensible pricing.

The texture of natural stone flooring means more work and upkeep costs.

Damaged natural stone flooringThese natural stone flooring structures have individual stones mixed together with epoxy.  The result is a textured and porous stone-like floor often referred to as pebble stone flooring / pebble stone epoxy. Unfortunately, this natural stone flooring structure leads to many problems and repair costs for homeowners. If you’ve ever looked at customer reviews of natural stone flooring or pebble stone flooring / pebble stone epoxy, you may have seen some of the horror stories.

Cleaning natural stone flooring is time-consuming and difficult.

The textured, porous nature of these kinds of natural stone flooring makes it easy for grit and grime to settle in between the individual stones. Imagine bringing in your groceries and dropping a carton of milk or a bottle of wine.  You’ll have a difficult time cleaning the liquid out of the grooves and getting all the little shards of glass up.

Also, a car’s tires bring in dirt, tar, and salt, all of which then settle into these grooves.  Oil and antifreeze spills are also possibilities in a garage.  These chemicals, along with the spilled milk, have already seeped through the top layer to your concrete floor before you can get it cleaned up.  In short, these kinds of natural stone flooring are difficult to thoroughly clean, and most homeowners don’t enjoy thinking about all the gross dirt and spills lurking between those stones.

Many companies require homeowners to pay for professional cleaning yearly or lose their warranty.

Your installer probably knows that the textured, porous surface of your epoxy stone floor will need more than a vacuum and mop to really clean it.  Indeed, most of these flooring companies suggest you buy their “specially formulated cleaner.”  Moreover, many contracts warn that if you opt-out of professional yearly cleaning—done by them at an additional cost, of course,—your floor’s warranty is voided! This adds up to hundreds of dollars each year, just to keep the floor clean. If you look at customer reviews of natural stone flooring, you may have seen grievances like this.

Natural stone flooring causes mold and mildew.

problems with natural stone epoxyThese types of epoxy floorings are not a solution to your mold and mildew problems in the basement as they claim.  Again, their structure allows water to get down the cracks and crevices between the individual stones. Once the water gets in, there’s no easy way to get it out. 

As a result, it settles to the bottom of the natural stone flooring structure, much like what happens with carpeting in a basement, where it encourages mold and mildew—and the smells associated with them—to form.  Eventually, this means the natural stone flooring itself can begin to weaken and crack.  Such damage requires repair work at a significant cost.  Oftentimes, the only solution is to completely remove the natural stone flooring and replace it completely.

Ohio’s extreme weather makes costly natural stone flooring repairs likely.

Any flooring system in a garage that allows water to settle into its structure cannot properly withstand the demands of Ohio’s weather.  To explain, Ohio’s freeze and thaw cycles mean that any water lying within the floor will expand and contract as the temperatures rise and fall.

During cold days, the water expands and puts pressure on the stones.  Then when the weather warms up, the water contracts, and the stones often are now loose. Once loose, stones can come out and leave more exposed areas that are even more susceptible to water damage.  In the end, this reality means more repair costs, for your natural stone flooring.

We Offer a Better Alternative to Natural Stone Flooring

The floors we install in garages and basements are superior to these natural stone flooring options in several ways.

Easy to Clean and Maintain:

Finished polyaspartic epoxy flooring | Natural stone flooring alternativeOur finishing process gives you enough texture to avoid slipping but is non-porous to keep out moisture. That’s because we use a polyaspartic polymer.  Cleaning your garage floor is as easy as spraying it down with a hose.  No special cleaners or professional cleaning contracts are required.

Withstands Ohio’s elements:

Our polyaspartic polymer will not deteriorate due to salt exposure, and it withstands moisture. Thus, you can expect your floor to keep its superior look and quality for about 15 years with normal wear.

Backed by a Local Flooring Company:

We’re not a national chain. We’re a locally owned and operated business that never uses subcontractors as our competitors do.  For homeowners, this means a fully trained, knowledgeable team will plan, install, and clean up your entire flooring project.

Also, it means no bait-and-switch promotions. At Ohio Garage Interiors, we know that we’re serving our neighbors and friends, so we hold ourselves to the highest standards.


Straightforward Pricing:

natural stone coat epoxy alternativesYou won’t see us run any bait-and-switch pricing promotions.  Instead, a trained professional will come to your home at no cost and give you a full, detailed quote.

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