Getting Rid of the Garage Clutter

Cluttered Garage? You’re not alone.

According to the Home Safety Council, 65 million US garages are in cluttered disarray. That explains why many of the 21 million preventable household injuries Americans suffer each year happen in the garage.

Quick Tips to End the Clutter and Make the Garage Safer for Your Family.

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Get rid of junk.

Grab a garbage bag and a large box, and head out to the garage. Garages are notorious junk magnets where stuff you don’t want in the house inevitably piles up. Be realistic with yourself, and aggressively comb through your garage deciding which things you should throw out, sell, or give away.

Divide your garage into “zones.”

Think about how to best organize your garage into zones based on putting like items together (lawn and garden tools, kid things, auto supplies, chemicals). Even this basic organizational system will prevent pileups of random garage stuff, meaning you never trip over your wrench set and your kids don’t store toys on top of your table saw. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Hang tools like shovels and rakes securely.

This is safer than leaning them up against a wall, and frees up valuable floor space for larger items.

Tightly screw on lids and use locking storage.

Homeowners often store hazardous chemicals (e.g., pesticides, car fluids, paint and lacquer thinner) in the garage. Leaving them out in the open or loosely shut, however, poses a serious threat to kids and pets.  This will minimize fumes and potential spills, making the garage a safer place for everyone, especially for pets and children.

Put sporting goods and children’s toys in easy to reach bins on the floor.

By making kids’ gear easy to reach, the chance for accidents is greatly reduced.  Also, it’s a good idea to put these bins as far away from potentially dangerous tools and chemicals as possible. You can also utilize our wall storage systems, like ORGwall, to free up floor space by using baskets and hooks for your most needed items.

Avoid overstacking shelves.

Overstacked shelves are prone to collapsing. Be sure to put heavier items towards the bottom of the shelf, and lighter items on top. If your shelves still look too cluttered, think about creative storage alternatives, such as our ceiling mounted overhead storage units.

Schedule Regular Garage Maintenance Checks.

Now that your garage clutter is better organized than 90% of the population, you’ll find it usable again.  You’ll want to keep it that way, too! Set a monthly or quarterly check in your schedule to keep items in the garage under control. In addition to purging junk and making sure your organizational zones hold up, check for and repair fraying extension cords, replace burnt-out light bulbs and test the smoke alarm. Make sure your tools are in good working order. With minimal care each month, you’ll reap the benefit of having a safe garage.

Schedule your dream garage floor consultation today!

We’re here to help you conquer your garage clutter.

These are tips that you can easily and should implement. Block out a Saturday or Sunday, and get your family to help. If you feel like your garage needs a more drastic overhaul, then consider scheduling Ohio Garage Interiors for an estimate on custom garage solutions. Whatever you choose to do, it’s important to be sure your garage is a safe space for you and your family.