Garage Renovation the Easy Way

Garage Renovation Made Easy  

If you’re like many homeowners, a garage renovation is the last home improvement project to get checked off the list.  We get it.  Lawnmowers, bikes, sports gear, gardening tools—you name it, we stuff it in the garage!  How can we think about renovating the garage when just tidying it up can seem so overwhelming?  At Ohio Garage Interiors, we know how to help take the stress out of planning that garage renovation.  Here’s how we help make going from dream to reality easy: 

We’ll come to you for a FREE on-site consultation. 

Don’t worry.  This visit is not about high-pressure sales.  Rather, it’s about helping you define what you want and need from your garage space.  Do you need to have access to the kids’ bikes while still having room to park the car?  Is that garage floor in need of repair?  One of our owners, Chad or Scott, will walk you through the design process, so together you can make a plan that focuses on your priorities and will work.  In addition, if you need help solving a unique problem, Chad or Scott can offer advice based upon years of successful garage renovations.

Schedule your dream garage floor consultation today!

Our experts take all the measurements for you. 

Avoid the hassle and worry of measuring your floor and wall space.  Chad and Scott take the measurements for you, so you can focus on selecting which floor finish and color best suits your space and compliments your home.  Also, you can rest easy knowing that our materials and time estimates are accurate because we’ve seen the garage and have double checked our measurements.   

garage renovation initial measure and plan

Scott Gleske’s measurements for on-site garage renovation visit.

We offer expertly paired color schemes. 

We’ve teamed up with some of the best local interior decorators to put together pleasing color combinations.  You’ll know what color paint goes with the floor finish you’ve picked out.  Likewise, coordinating cabinet colors will be at your fingertips.  Of course, if you want to branch out and make your own combinations, we’ll help you do that, too!  

We build solutions to fit your space. 

You don’t have to worry about shopping multiple stores trying to find cabinets and organizational units to fit your space.  At Ohio Garage Interiors, we build custom cabinets to fit any space in the garage.  Whether you need a small cabinet to fit in an overhead space or a large cabinet that’s deep enough to store lawn equipment, we can build it.  Moreover, we have many unique solutions like our Silver Track Wall System and StoreWall Wall System.  These solutions, too, are customizable for your space and your needs. 

Sketch of garage renovation measurements by Scott Gleske.

Know the cost of all parts of the project with our straightforward quote. 

Scott and Chad will never offer you gimmicky or confusing pricing.  Rather, our quote will be straightforward and easy to understand.  If you need help scaling the project to budget, we can quote different options for you, too.   

See and approve a 3-D plan before any work begins. 

You don’t have to just imagine what your choices will look like.  Instead, you can see your full garage renovation in 3-D before any work begins.  You’ll be able to rest easy knowing that the final outcome is exactly what you want and need. 

garage renovation 3-d drawing

3-D plan rendered for garage renovation client.


Don’t let all the planning of a garage renovation keep you from getting the most out of your garage.  Let Ohio Garage Interiors guide you through the process easily.  Call Michell today at (440) 520-9370, and she’ll help you set up your FREE on-site consultation.