Garage Floor Epoxy | Garage Makeover That Adds Value to Your Home

Have you considered the state of your garage lately? Does it overwhelm you just to think about the state it’s currently in? You are not alone. Most people would love to have a clean, well-organized garage that has been properly maintained but feel that they have let their garage get to a state that will prevent it from ever being that way. All of the various services and garage floor epoxy choices offered by Ohio Garage Interiors make it so that is not the case.

Why choose Ohio Garage Interiors Garage Floor Epoxy?

Ohio Garage Interiors will help you organize your garage belongings and will install their state-of-the-art cabinetry and garage floor epoxy so that your garage will soon look like it did when it was brand new. Not only that, but their professionally installed garage floor epoxy is so sturdy and durable that it will continue to keep your garage looking that way for many years to come. Ohio Garage Interiors professionals install a garage floor epoxy that includes a hybrid polymer which makes for a coating that is four times stronger and more durable than the standard garage floor epoxy.

The Ohio Garage Interiors Garage Floor Epoxy Guarantee

You may be skeptical and think that all garage floor epoxies are the same. This just isn’t the case. OGI only uses garage floor epoxy that, once installed, permanently bonds to the cement and thus will not wear or peel like other epoxies. The garage floor epoxy offered and installed by Ohio Garage Interiors is so durable that it can last for over a decade. They are so confident in their product that they offer a ten-year warranty against peeling and delaminating.

Garage Floor Epoxy Extends the Value and Living Space of Your Home

What is even more exciting about the garage floor epoxy offered by OGI is the sheer quantity of aesthetic options they have to offer. When choosing your garage floor epoxy, you have several patterns, pattern sizes and colors to choose from. This allows you to choose a truly unique epoxy garage floor that will help the interior decoration of your garage to be as unique as the rest of your home. Rather than your garage being a separate entity from the rest of your home, you can choose a garage floor epoxy that suits your personal style and ties your garage into the rest of your home.

OGI’s garage floor epoxy requires no annual maintenance and is extremely easy to clean. Simply spray it down with a hose or wipe it with a mop. This helps eliminate dirt and mud from being tracked into your home. It is like extending your living space into the garage and makes your home feel bigger while increasing its value.

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