Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coating vs Epoxy

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Are you looking to install new flooring in your garage? Ohio Garage Interiors is a leading provider of garage flooring installation services in Northeast Ohio. In fact, our complete flooring systems offer the highest strength and value on the market with competitive pricing. 

If you have been searching for the best flooring for your garage, you may have encountered information on vibrant epoxy flooring solutions or the benefits of polyaspartic garage floor coating vs epoxy. However, you might not be sure of which is best for your garage. Learn more about the differences between epoxy flooring and polyaspartic floors with the help of OGI.

Polyaspartic garage floor coating vs epoxy | What’s the difference?

Epoxy coatings cause reactions between bisphenol A and epichlorohydrin to bond with concrete floors. A standard installation of epoxy systems involves applying a primer, a color base coat, and a top coat double layer of polyurethane. Most notably, epoxy resin is the ideal option when looking for low-cost flooring with exceptional slip resistance.

Epoxy is also more customizable with many metallic finishes and other aesthetic. If you are looking for a fast cure rate and drying time, however, epoxy might not be for you, as it can take more than 24 hours to cure.

Polyaspartic floor coatings offer exceptional protection against impacts and many other forms of wear and tear. This flooring solution creates chemical reactions between aliphatic polyisocyanate and a polyaspartic ester. As a result, they form aliphatic polyurea, which allows for easier customization and lower levels of emissions.

Many Ohio homeowners choose to personalize their polyaspartic coatings with colors and patterns of decorative flakes or through other additives with anti-slip properties. So, you can get creative with polyaspartic flooring. Polyaspartic coatings also offer more flexibility than epoxy flooring. As a result, they can offer more impact resistance and protect the underlying concrete.

Polyaspartic Garage Flooring Installation Cost

Ohio Garage Interiors offers the highest quality and value for polyaspartic flooring in Ohio. If you have been looking to install new flooring in your garages, you have likely run into many advertisements for one-day installations. These services seem convenient at first; however, they are unnecessary, inaccurate, and cost $3 more per square foot.

As a result, you will spend more on flooring that will form various defects. Therefore, you will have to spend even more of your money on expensive repairs. With OGI, however, you can avoid flooring defects and costly maintenance with our high-strength, defect-free polyaspartic coatings and two-day installation services.

Our flooring installations start at $6.95 per square foot, but we also offer a variety of discounts for any installations that meet or exceed 600 square feet. So, our customers can install the high-strength flooring they need without breaking the bank. Here is an example of our discounts:

  • 600 sq ft or more – 10% Discount on Price of flooring
  • 900 sq ft – 15% Discount on Price of flooring
  • 1,200 sq ft – 20% Discount on Price of flooring
  • 2,500 sq ft – 25% Discount on Price of flooring

*A minimum project size of $3,000 is required.



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Garage flooring designed Ohio garage environments

Ohio is a particularly harsh environment for concrete garage flooring. The average garage floor in an Ohio home will experience pressure from a litany of environmental hazards. So, it is important to find a strong, reliable flooring solution to keep your flooring in presentable condition.

Foot and vehicle traffic are typically the first things that come to mind when considering wear and tear. However, Ohio garage floors will encounter extreme temperature and humidity changes as well as thaw cycles during the winter, resulting in expanding, shrinking, cracking. Concrete is also naturally porous. So, it absorbs any dirt, dust, stains, chemicals, battery acids, fuels, and oils that touch the surface.

Here at OGI, we develop garage flooring solutions with exceptionally high strength, so you can protect your flooring from any potential hazards. Our goal is to give Ohio homeowners a high-quality, cost-effective flooring option that will last for years post-installation. Therefore, we only use the best materials and installation techniques in the industry.

OGI polyaspartic coatings are the best way to get the most quality and protection out of your new garage flooring. In fact, we design our floor coatings to withstand Ohio’s unique environment. Our polyaspartic coatings contain polyaspartic polyurea, so they can defend the substrate from virtually any potential damage. Dirt, dust, mold, mildew, flooding, road salt, chemicals, battery acid, and impacts cannot stop OGI flooring!

OGI coatings are also impermeable to water, dirt, dust, and stains. So, cleaning is much less of a chore.

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