Polyaspartic Floor Coating | The Best Way to Protect and Elevate Your Garage Floor

Have you ever looked at your concrete garage floor and thought, “What can I do to give this a proper upgrade?” Concrete is the go to material choice for garage floors all across America, but it does not really bring anything special to the table. Not to mention that the boring, grey surface will directly clash with the rest of your beautiful home.

With Ohio Garage Interiors, you can transform your garage floor with polyaspartic floor coatings. These coatings can give your garage floor an incredibly stylish design while providing the protection the concrete needs to last for years to come.

Why does concrete need this sort of protection? Concrete may have significant natural strength and stability, but many environmental factors can chip away at it over time. A polyaspartic floor coating is a valuable addition to any floor, defending against everyday wear and tear.

Give Your Concrete Floor Some Backup!

Damaged Concrete FlooringDespite its best efforts, your concrete floor cannot do it alone. Concrete is a hard, rigid material, so cracks are its worst enemy. While most cracks that show up in your floor are not signs of irreparable damage, no one wants to see a web of cracks every time they enter their garage.

Weather is often the central cause of cracking in concrete garage floors. Factors like temperature and humidity fluctuate frequently, especially in places like Ohio. The concrete’s natural porosity causes it to expand and contract in these conditions, resulting in crack formation. This also gives moisture the opportunity to sneak into the floor, which can cause even more problems down the line.

One of the more substantial issues with having moisture in your garage floor occurs once winter rolls around. Cold winter weather can freeze the moisture trapped within the floor, causing thaw cycles. When water freezes, it expands, so any water inside the floor will either create new cracks or make existing ones larger. This process can also cause spalling, which makes the concrete more brittle and break apart.

With all these hazards knocking at the door, your concrete floor is going to need some help. A polyaspartic floor coating can protect from these issues and stop cracks in their tracks.

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What Will a Polyaspartic Floor Coating Do For Your Floor?

Polyaspartic floor coatings are about more than just preventing cracks. This miracle flooring solution offers a wide variety of advantages that not only improve your floor but your entire garage as well.

Say Goodbye to Dust, Dirt, and Grime

The pores in concrete cause your garage floor to absorb all sorts of stuff that you would rather keep out. Water, oils, gasoline, stains, and chemicals are just a few examples of materials that will sink into concrete as soon as they get the chance. This means you will have to put much more time and energy into cleaning.

Even worse, an unsealed, bare concrete floor makes your entire garage dirtier. The regular traffic going to and from your garage kicks up the dust sitting on the surface, spreading it throughout the space onto shelves, vehicles, and other belongings. Sealing your garage floor with a polyaspartic floor coating keeps the dust in and the grime out, so your garage stays absolutely spotless!

We also add aluminum oxide to our polyaspartic topcoat. This gives your floor a gritty, high-traction surface, preventing slipping while cleaning or when coming in from the rain.

A Worthy Shield Against Wear and Tear

Our high-strength polyaspartic floor coatings contain polyaspartic polyurea. This state-of-the-art flooring material is among the strongest options on the market, defending against virtually any potential damage. Dirt, dust, road salts, corrosive chemicals, and even industrial impacts are no match for OGI polyaspartic floor coatings.

Polyaspartic polyurea also makes yellowing a thing of the past. Many other epoxy products will develop an amber hue over time, but OGI flooring maintains its sheen for years after installation without the need for constant maintenance.

No More Moisture, Mold, and Mildew

Second only to cracking, moisture is a natural adversary for concrete floors, and with Ohio’s humid weather, it is always waiting to strike. If moisture finds its way into the floor, mold and mildew will soon follow. This can lead to expensive repairs and even full flooring replacements if left untreated for too long.

Polyaspartic floor coatings act as an impenetrable moisture barrier. It offers full impermeability, so the moisture simply cannot find a way in and wreak havoc on your concrete floor. If you have had issues with moisture damage before, polyaspartic flooring is the way to go.

Fill the Cracks and Choose Your Style

If you have not made any changes to your concrete floor in a while, it is bound to have some cracks in it. Thankfully, our polyaspartic flooring solutions correct the imperfections in no time. Our polyaspartic floor coatings include a crack filling compound, making repairs during installation and creating a defect-free floor.

Another advantage of this installation is that you get the opportunity to fully customize the design. We want to help you make your garage an extension of your home, and your sense of style is a critical part. Select from countless decorative flake colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns to make your garage seamlessly transition to the interior of your home.

Polyaspartic Floor Coating with Custom Finish

Why Polyaspartic Floor Coating Versus Other Floor Coatings?

Just as cracks, mildew, and other issues can arise in plain concrete floors, cracking, mildew, and other issues can arise with different types of epoxy coating as well. In particular, the popular stone and epoxy epoxy coating can cause a lot of heartache for homeowners who decide on this treatment for their floors.

Polyaspartic flooring, as mentioned above, will not yellow or fade like other epoxy coatings because it is resistant to UV rays. This is especially important if your garage has big windows or if the front part is exposed to sunlight because the door is often open. Because polyaspartic coatings are not porous, spills and other types of moisture have nowhere to go. They simply stay on the surface, waiting to get cleaned up. In contrast, spilling a beverage on a stone and epoxy epoxy floor means that moisture will seep into all of the crevices, leaving a perfect environment for mildew to form.

Polyaspartic flooring can also withstand dramatic temperature shifts, which, let’s face it, are the norm in Northeast Ohio. Where concrete can easily crack as the weather shifts from hot to cold, your polyaspartic flooring will be unaffected.

Finally, by specifically contracting with us to install your polyaspartic flooring, you are guaranteed a 100% transparent process from our quote to final installation. We are honest about how much time it will take to prep your floors for coating and will tell you about obstacles that may make the project run longer than desired, like the size of your space or difficulty in accessing your garage once we start to work on it. Also, we strive to keep you updated on our progress so you are never held in suspense as to how the project is proceeding. Most other contractors cannot keep these promises.

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