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Garage Floor Maintenance

Garage floor maintenance is an important part of keeping your garage in its best condition. Ohio introduces many potential hazards to bare concrete garage flooring. The weather is especially harsh, so erosion, cracking and other issues form more often.

Leaks, stains, dirt and debris can also cause your flooring to degrade. As a result, your flooring becomes less visually pleasing and potentially unsafe.

Throughout the year, your flooring will experience heat, humidity, hot tire pickup, road salt, thaw cycles and more. Therefore, garage floor maintenance is crucial for protecting your flooring. Garage floor maintenance is something every Ohio homeowner should perform at least two times per year. Regular cleaning habits can also extend the lifespan of your current garage flooring.

However, if you are looking for further protection, consider Ohio Garage Interiors’ polyaspartic epoxy coatings. OGI polyaspartic epoxy flooring offers exceptional protection from various environmental hazards, so your flooring looks better and lasts longer.

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OGI garage floor maintenance tips

Regular maintenance can significantly increase the longevity of your garage flooring. If you are looking for effective ways to protect and maintain your garage flooring? Follow these helpful garage floor maintenance tips:

Clear any clutter

Clearing any clutter and other miscellaneous belongings from your garage makes cleaning much simpler. Not only will you be able to clean quicker, but you can also be more thorough. As a result, you can keep your floor clean without any extra hassle. Additionally, garage storage systems can help make clearing the clutter an easier process.

Clean spills and leaks

Spills and leaks are also potential hazards for your flooring. Whether it’s gasoline, oil or other fluids with hazardous chemicals, leaving these spills unattended can result in long term damage to your floor. Furthermore, spills and leaks can cause slipping, putting residents and visitors at risk.
Sweep your flooring

Sweeping is another important step in garage floor maintenance. A push broom and dust mop can remove any lingering dust, dirt and debris from the garage. Also, open any doors and windows to improve airflow to the outdoors. As a result, clearing dirt and dust will be quicker and easier.

Cover any outlets and drywall

Most homeowners use a hose to perform garage floor maintenance, so it is best to cover your drywall, electrical outlets and any other belongings you want to keep dry.

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OGI polyaspartic epoxy floor coatings

There are various products and techniques available for installing flooring and protecting garage concrete. However, if you are looking to minimize maintenance and install the best protection for your concrete flooring, OGI polyaspartic epoxy floor coatings are the ideal solution.

Polyaspartic garage flooring polyaspartic epoxy

OGI polyaspartic garage flooring polyaspartic epoxy is a high-strength coating material with exceptional durability. In fact, it protects your flooring from a wide variety of hazards. As a result, your flooring looks better and lasts longer.

Our garage flooring polyaspartic epoxy also creates a permanent bond with the existing concrete. This forms an impenetrable surface that protects against mold, mildew, flooding, road salt, corrosive chemicals and many other forms of wear and tear. Furthermore, polyaspartic epoxy offers impermeability for dirt, dust, debris and water.

In addition, OGI contractors add a custom decorative flake system to these coatings. So, our customers can create a unique style for their flooring that minimizes the visibility of dirt and dust. OGI garage floor coatings are the ideal solution to ensure your flooring lasts for years.

Why Choose OGI? | Garage Floor Maintenance

Ohio Garage Interiors high-performance garage flooring polyaspartic epoxy provides many benefits:

  • Quick and Easy Cleaning: OGI flooring’s impermeable, high-strength surface not only offers superior protection, but it also prevents dust, dirt and stains from sinking into the floor. As a result, cleaning is quicker, easier and safer! You can clean up nearly any mess with a quick mopping or vacuuming.
  • Durability and Longevity: OGI polyaspartic epoxy protects against various hazards including mold, mildew, flooding, corrosion chemicals, abrasions and road salt, so your flooring lasts longer without needing recurring repairs.
  • Customization: OGI gives our customers a chance to get creative with your new flooring. Select from a variety of solid color and metallic finishes, or you can customize your own decorative flake system with various colors, shapes, sizes and patterns.
  • On-site Inspection & Free Quotes: Setup an in-home inspection or send us photos of your garage flooring, and we can give a free quote!
  • Precision Installation: Other Northeast Ohio garage flooring contractors perform one-day installations. They advertise one-day services as a convenience. However, these installations can result in many unsightly flooring issues. One-day installations also cost significantly more. Ohio Garage Interiors performs a two-day installation, so we can offer competitive pricing and higher precision. Two-day installations give the materials time to properly cure and adjust. As a result, you can avoid the formation of defects and, in turn, expensive repairs.
  • Local Contractors: OGI is a locally owned and operated contractor in Northeast Ohio, so we never use subcontractors. Every OGI client receives garage flooring services from a team of expert OGI contractors with immense experience in garage flooring maintenance, repair, installation and replacement.
  • Ten-Year Warranty Against Peeling and Delamination!

If you are looking for garage floor maintenance, replacement or installation services, contact Ohio Garage Interiors today!

Garage Flooring Repair

So far we have talked about how resilient our polyaspartic flooring is, how easy it is to maintain, and how you will not need to make any garage flooring repairs for at least 20 years after our installation is complete. If you recently had a stone and epoxy epoxy flooring installed in your garage, you might be green with envy at this point.

Almost everything that translates as an advantage with our polyaspartic flooring is a disadvantage for stone and epoxy epoxy. Polyaspartic flooring is impervious to Northeast Ohio weather, however, the porous material that stone and epoxy epoxy is made of soaks in moisture and cracks under the strain of constant weather changes. While polyaspartic flooring is extremely easy to clean, stone and epoxy epoxy is very hard to clean, and if you do not clean well enough, mildew very quickly forms. It is very difficult to degrade a polyaspartic floor. Stone and Epoxy can be broken down by exposure to UV rays, beverage spills, and the elements.

If your current garage is in need of garage floor repairs, you have a lot of options. There are multiple types of flooring and coatings from which to choose. Always make sure you ask about the durability, longevity, and required maintenance of the option you choose, however. What can seem like a good choice at the beginning may be a source of regret in the not too distant future.

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