Organic Mica Epoxy Floor | Garage Floor Epoxy

Organic Mica Epoxy Floor | Polyaspartic Garage Floor Epoxy

mica epoxy floor

The Organic Mica Epoxy Floor Series is another beautiful style from the selection of Ohio Garage interiors garage floor polyaspartic epoxy options. This system allows you the freedom to select a style, color, and look specifically tailored to your taste. Transform your dirty, greasy garage floor into a durable, beautiful surface. Garage floors and floors in other hard-working spaces require high-performing coating systems to prove durable enough to stand up to the job. Ohio Garage Interior’s Organic Mica Series is highly durable, resilient and easy to care for all while being stylish and presentable.

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Ohio Garage Interiors Polyaspartic Garage Floor Epoxy

When remodeling your garage, you want a finished product with ideal functionality and a style that reflects your tastes. We offer a variety of garage flooring color and flake options, so you can pick the best floor for you and your garage. Choose from various solid colors or customize your flooring with our decorative flake systems. With a wide selection of shapes, sizes, colors and patterns, you can get creative with your new flooring. Furthermore, OGI flooring contains higher strength materials for long lasting flooring and better overall value.

Ohio Garage Interiors is a leading supplier of garage floor polyaspartic epoxy and remodeling services in Northeast Ohio. We have helped many Ohio homeowners with transforming and upgrading their garages. With our comprehensive selection of remodeling services, we can tackle even the most challenging projects. Whether it’s cabinetry, overhead storage, flooring or concrete restoration, Ohio Garage Interiors is your best resource for garage remodeling. Additionally, we only utilize the best materials and installation techniques. As a result, you always get superior, precision flooring installation with competitive pricing.

Why Hire Ohio Garage Interiors? | Mica Flake Epoxy Floor

Remodeling your garage or any area of your home is a significant investment involving many different costs and variables. Therefore, it is important to always make an informed decision prior to purchasing materials or services. This is why we design our services to offer more value for your money. With high-performance materials and current installation methods, we can install flooring with the quality you deserve. Furthermore, we offer our cabinetry, organization and concrete restoration services for a full-service garage design experience. 

However, you may have seen many DIY options during your searching for garage remodeling services. You might be wondering what the difference is. What are the benefits of professional installation over DIY? Why should I pay a company to install my flooring when I could do it myself?

Why Not DIY?

DIY is a method that has become increasingly popular among homeowners. Most people see DIY as a convenient way to cut out the middleman and save money on their remodeling project. However, DIY has a multitude of hidden costs that are rarely reported. Most notably, DIY uses standard epoxy products, which are markedly weaker than OGI polyaspartic epoxy, so the flooring will peel much more quickly. You incur many extra costs from repetitive maintenance and repairs as a result.

When you hire a professional contractor like OGI, you can protect the value of your investment. With our experience in flooring installation and materials, we can offer higher precision and superior strength for your new flooring. Our polyaspartic epoxy can even handle high-traffic industrial conditions, so protecting your garage flooring is easier than ever. Furthermore, you will keep the money you would spend on the maintenance and repairs related to DIY flooring.

Advantages from OGI | Garage Floor Polyaspartic Epoxy

  • Easier, Safer Cleaner: Our garage floor polyaspartic epoxy laminates have an impermeable, non-slip surface. As a result, dirt and stains cannot penetrate the flooring’s surface, and any mess can be cleaned with a quick mopping or vacuuming without the risk of slippage.
  • Ultimate Protection: Our flooring polyaspartic epoxy can protect against even the most intense conditions. Whether it’s road salt, mold, mildew, flooding, treadmarks or any other forms of wear and tear, OGI polyaspartic epoxy provides the ultimate defense.
  • Customization: Personalize your flooring with our many solid color options or create your own decorative flake flooring system. Custom flake colors can be created upon request.
  • Free Quotes: Schedule an in-home inspection with us prior to service, and we will provide you with a quote free of charge.
  • Precision Installation: Rather than rushing your project in a single day, we perform a two-day installation process. This allows the materials to properly adjust to your garage, which prevents the formation of unsightly defects over time.
  • Genuine OGI Contractors: As a locally owned and operated company, we take pride in our work, so we will never hire subcontractors to complete our projects. You will always receive the finest craftsmanship and customer service from genuine OGI contractors.
  • Ten-Year Warranty Against Peeling and Delamination!

Residential Garage Floor Polyaspartic Epoxy Cost

OGI residential flooring costs $3 per square foot for polyaspartic epoxy without polymer. For our decorative flake flooring systems, prices range from $6.25 to $7 per square foot depending on the size of your garage. Additional charges may apply for some custom options.

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Basement and Commercial Flooring Services

We also offer both basement and commercial flooring installation services in addition to our garage interior design services. Our basement flooring polyaspartic epoxy offers the same strength and functionality as our garage flooring, so it can protect against mold, mildew, flooding and other hazards with ease. When you choose OGI, you receive precision installation for strong and stylish new flooring.

We have partnered with Sikafloor® to offer the best in commercial flooring. Sika laminates offer the strength necessary for functioning optimally in high-traffic commercial and industrial environments. This is a solid color flooring system capable of withstanding immense pressure, so it is ideal for virtually any commercial application. Whether it’s industrial equipment impacts, corrosion chemicals, or abrasions, Sika laminates will protect your flooring. OGI and Sika work in tandem to offer the best commercial flooring on the market.

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