Garage Floor Epoxy Companies Add a Distinct Look To Your Garage

The garage can be a perfect spot for a home gym, home bar, tool storage setup, and so much more.  Flooring is one of the most essential parts of any garage transformation. You may have seen the videos all over social media of DIY epoxy floor installations.  The striking patterns and bright colors definitely look good, but opting for a DIY installation can cost you in the long run.

Materials available for DIY projects tend to offer less durability than those professionals use.  These materials can be less resistant to mechanical or chemical wear than those of professional-grade, for example.  As a result, you can pay more for maintenance for a DIY flooring solution than professional installation, even if the upfront cost of working with professionals is greater.

Overall, if you want quality polyaspartic epoxy flooring, then partner with experts in your area.  See the list below to learn about just some of the benefits of professionally installed polyaspartic epoxy garage floor coatings.

  • Resistance to Both Mold and Mildew Damage
    • The nonporous makeup of polyaspartic epoxy flooring minimizes the accumulation of moisture.
    • This aspect can be especially advantageous for families dealing with allergies or asthma.  
  • Endless Customization Possibilities
    • You can customize color flake blends to match garage storage systems or pay tribute to your favorite sports team, for example.  
    • Choose from metallic options to create a striking aesthetic.
  • Ease of Maintenance
    • A quick mop or sweep is all it takes to keep an epoxy floor clean.
    • Epoxy garage floors with polyaspartic topcoat resist staining.  
  • Resistance to Impact
    • These floor coatings stand up to drop damage.
    • Polyaspartic epoxy floorings withstand heavy foot traffic, as well.

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Garage Floor Epoxy CompaniesOhio Garage Interiors provides top quality flooring solutions for both homes and businesses all over Northeast Ohio.  The team is one of the most experienced and dedicated installation staff in the area and commits to the timeliness, quality, and customer satisfaction, above all.  

Under the leadership of father and son Chad and Scott Gleske, the team provides top-quality installations by partnering with the most reliable suppliers and using materials of only the highest quality.  Significantly, the team does not employ subcontractors; this allows the company to maintain the most experienced staff possible. 

Families and businesses all over the Cleveland, Akron, and Lake Erie Islands areas have benefitted from premier flooring solutions by partnering with Ohio Garage Interiors.  If you have been looking for garage floor epoxy companies near me, then reach out to the team today for a free on-site design consultation.

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