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If you are looking to install new garage flooring in Northeast Ohio, you need the help of a reputable garage floor company. Ohio Garage Interiors offers the garage floor coating services you need to install the best flooring for your garage. In fact, we have helped countless Ohio homes and businesses install new, high-quality garage flooring.

OGI concrete floor coatings offer unparalleled strength, so they can defend flooring from virtually any potential damage. Furthermore, our concrete coatings look better and last longer than other flooring options without excessive maintenance or repairs.

Customers of OGI get the opportunity to work with top-notch professionals in the garage flooring industry. So, you can rely on us to install the best garage floor systems for your garage. We also use the highest quality materials available in combination with high-precision installation techniques. As a result, you always receive the most value for your new flooring.

Additionally, OGI offers garage flooring repair, garage flooring replacement, and concrete restoration services.

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The protection your garage flooring needs

Here at OGI, protecting your concrete flooring is a top priority. So, we offer the strongest epoxy floors on the market. The typical Ohio garage floor encounters intense temperatures, humidity, and thaw cycles throughout the year. It will also experience extreme levels of traffic from residents, guests, and vehicles.

As a result, your flooring’s bare concrete will expand, shrink, crack, and wear down over time. Concrete is also a naturally porous surface. So, it absorbs any dust, dirt, stains, road salt, oils, and fuels that come into contact with it.

When you choose OGI, however, you Polyaspartic coatings with exceptional strength. Our garage flooring epoxy is comprised of Polyaspartic polyurea, so it creates an ironclad defense against nearly all incoming wear and tear.

Dirt, dust, mold, mildew, flooding, impacts, road salt, and corrosive chemicals are no match for OGI epoxy! Furthermore, our epoxy offers complete impermeability to water, dirt, dust, and stains. As a result, cleaning your floor is quick and easy.

Garage floor installation cost

Prices for our garage flooring installation services vary depending on the type of customer. Our residential customers pay $3/square foot for the installation of Polyaspartic epoxy.

Commercial customers, however, can pay as low as $2/square foot. These prices depend on the size of the installation. In other words, the larger the installation, the lower the price per square foot.

Additional charges may apply for customized options.


Why choose OGI as your garage floor company?

Quick, safe, and easy cleaning:

Our garage flooring features an impermeable topcoat, so it prevents dust, dirt, stains, and other materials from sinking into the concrete. The topcoat is also slip-resistant even when wet. So, cleaning is safer, quicker, and easier.

Our epoxy materials offer high-strength protection and longer lifespans:

OGI epoxy coatings can protect against nearly any form of potential damage including mold, mildew, flooding, impacts, abrasions, road salts, and corrosive chemicals. As a result, your new garage flooring will look better and later longer without the need for frequent and expensive maintenance.

Customers can customize the design of their new garage flooring:

We offer a wide range of flake colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns for our customizable DecoFlake flooring system. OGI customers get the opportunity to fully customize their new flooring to best suit their home and their personal tastes.

High-precision, two-day installations:

Many other garage flooring companies offer one-day installations for additional “convenience.” However, one-day installations are completely unnecessary as well as imprecise and expensive. As a result, your flooring will develop many defects that need costly repairs.

Choosing OGI means you always receive a precise, thorough, two-day installation process for your new flooring. This allows the epoxy enough time to cure and form a strong bond with the underlying concrete. So, you can avoid the expensive repairs you would perform as a result of one-day installations.

Free quotes for garage flooring repair and installation services:

If you are interested in installing new garage flooring with OGI coating installers, you can set up a free, in-home inspection. We will send a genuine OGI contractor to inspect your garage flooring and provide you with a quote free of charge! You can also send in photos of your current garage flooring if it is more convenient than an inspection.

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Any home or business owners looking to install garage flooring in Northeast Ohio should contact Ohio Garage Interiors. As a leading garage floor company, we can use our tools, materials, and experience to give you the best possible flooring for your garage. Also, we install flooring year-round, so do not hesitate to give us a call and schedule an inspection.

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