Advantages of an Epoxy Garage Floor

Have you been searching for garage epoxy companies to upgrade your existing garage floor? Whether you plan on installing the ultimate home bar, putting in a tool storage space or just touching up damage, an epoxy floor can tie the space together. You may have seen videos circulating across social media of stunning, colorful DIY epoxy floor installations. However, you will benefit from the highest value in the long run when you partner with reliable garage epoxy companies. 

Why implement an epoxy garage floor coating system? An epoxy surface provides exceptional resistance to stress from foot traffic and drop impact. If you want to use your garage as a space to entertain family and friends, then an epoxy floor is the solution for you!  In addition, when you invest in an epoxy floor, you prevent the buildup of both mold and mildew. This can be especially advantageous for families dealing with allergies or asthma. 

No matter your goals for your floor upgrade, an epoxy floor can help you bring your vision into reality. In fact, epoxy garage floors are easily customizable. Compare garage epoxy companies in your area to learn about available color and pattern options.

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Keeping an Epoxy Garage Floor Clean and Free From Damage

Epoxy floors are especially notable for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Get the most from your investment by addressing messes as they happen. You can maintain your floor by treating minor spills with a paper towel or a cloth as they occur. It is also important to stay consistent with sweeping with a dust mop or bristle broom and treat heavy staining with hot water and ammonia. 

You can treat rust staining by using a household scrubbing pad and a cleanser that is not abrasive. Do not use any acidic cleaners on an epoxy garage floor surface. Such products can dull the shining characteristic to an epoxy floor and even make the floor slippery, increasing the risks of dangerous falls. 

When you use your garage for an auto repair, you can prevent floor damage by making sure the surface is clean before using rolling jacks for lifting. You can also place a plywood plank under jack stands when in use to prevent damage.

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