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Are you looking to install new garage flooring at your Ohio home or business? Get in touch with Ohio Garage Interiors. We are a leading provider of garage flooring repair and installation, offering superior products and high-precision service. In fact, our garage flooring epoxy offers the highest protection for concrete garage floors, ensuring it looks better and lasts longer without the need for frequent maintenance.

Furthermore, our garage floor coatings are entirely customizable with our unique DecoFlake system. These flooring systems offer a diverse selection of flake colors, sizes, and patterns, so you can pick out the best design for your floor. With our immense experience in the garage flooring industry, we can make your garage flooring ideas a reality. Most importantly, we offer competitive pricing to meet your budgetary needs.

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Designed with Ohio’s unique climate in mind

Even if you have lived in Ohio for only a year, you have surely noticed the weather. Ohio weather is notoriously unpredictable and turbulent, so it can wreak havoc on concrete floors. Most Ohio garage floors will encounter a litany of different weather conditions that can cause serious wear and tear. Therefore, installing strong, reliable epoxy coatings is crucial for keeping your flooring in pristine condition.

Homeowners tend to think of foot and vehicle traffic as the most serious offenders in terms of flooring damage. However, Ohio garage flooring will also have to endure temperature and humidity fluctuation as well as thaw cycles throughout the seasons. As a result, your flooring will begin expanding, shrinking, and cracking.

Concrete’s natural porosity also leaves it vulnerable to absorbing dirt, dust, oil stains, corrosive chemicals, road salts, and anything else that reaches the surface. So, we have designed our garage flooring solutions to offer the utmost protection even in the most intense conditions. In fact, we have designed our garage floor coatings for ideal performance in Ohio’s unique climate.

OGI polyaspartic garage floor coatings consist of polyaspartic polyurea, so they can defend the existing concrete from all types of incoming wear and tear. Whether dirt, dust, flooding, road salt, or even industrial-strength impacts, OGI coatings offer the ultimate defense against potential damage. Furthermore, our polyaspartic coatings are slip-resistant impermeable to water, dirt, dust, and stains. So, cleaning is quicker, easier, and safer.


OGI garage floor coating installation cost

If you want the most quality and value for your dollar, OGI flooring is the way to go. You may have seen our competitors offering quick, one-day garage flooring installation services, and many homeowners see this as an invaluable convenience. However, one-day installation services will cost you $3 more per square foot despite the low-quality materials and inaccurate service.

With one-day installations, you end up paying more for less quality, and your floor will form defects shortly after installation is complete. As a result, you have to spend even more on performing expensive maintenance and repairs to correct the defects you could have avoided. With OGI, however, you receive service from proven garage flooring contractors with high-quality epoxy and precise, two-day installation methods. Most notably, our two-day installation process ensures the epoxy properly cures and creates a strong, reliable bond with your concrete floor.

Our garage floor coating installations start at $6.95 per square foot. We also have discounts for garage spaces with square footage that meets or exceeds 600 sqft. So, you can give your garage floor the ultimate upgrade without needing to overspend or worry about potential defects. Here is an example of our discounts:

    • 600 square feet – 10% Discount on Price of flooring
    • 900 square feet – 15% Discount on Price of flooring
    • 1,200 square feet – 20% Discount on Price of flooring
    • 2,500 square feet – 25% Discount on Price of flooring

*A minimum project size of $3,000 is required.

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Avoid low-cost alternatives

Stone and Epoxy flooring

Although stone and epoxy is a popular garage flooring option among Ohio homeowners, it is not ideal for the Ohio garage environment. Homeowners typically choose stone and epoxy to save money. However, there are many issues with stone and epoxy flooring that companies will conveniently forget to mention to their customers.

You will see stone and epoxy flooring companies claim their flooring offers exceptional strength and low maintenance requirements with competitive pricing. Many even offer initial prices as low as 99 cents per square foot! However, stone and epoxy will ultimately cost you far more than the initial installation.

Stone and Epoxy will require costly, repetitive maintenance, as it is incredibly susceptible to wear and tear. This requires you to spend more time and money than you initially planned on a supposed “budget-friendly” flooring option. In fact, many stone and epoxy flooring companies will threaten the loss of warranty if customers do not perform annual, professional maintenance directly through the installer. So, it is best to avoid stone and epoxy flooring altogether.

Natural Stone Flooring

DIY flooring kits

DIY epoxy coatings and epoxy paints are another popular choice among Ohio homeowners. You can find these products at nearly any home improvement or hardware store with considerably lower prices than other flooring options. The low pricing may seem like an advantage, but it leads to various issues. Most importantly, DIY flooring kits offer little to no protection for garage floors, especially in comparison to industrial-grade epoxy.

Homeowners choose DIY to lower their material costs and cut out middlemen. Unfortunately, DIY materials are so low-quality that they end up costing more in the long run. You will need to repeatedly repair defects that form, wasting valuable time and money. Furthermore, you may need to repurchase and reinstall the DIY products even if you just applied them earlier that year.

With OGI, you can avoid all these defects and install beautiful new garage flooring that will last for years after the initial installation.

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If you are a home or business owner in Ohio looking for garage flooring services, contact Ohio Garage Interiors today! We are experts in flooring installation, repair, replacement, and concrete restoration, so you can trust us to provide the services you need at a price that suits your budget. We also perform our services year-round, so call now to schedule an on-site inspection for a free quote!

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