Steel Garage Floor Drain Cover | Replace Rust with Something You Can Trust

A Small Yet Essential Part of Your Floor

Someone removing a rust garage floor drain cover from the floorA garage floor drain cover may seem insignificant in comparison to the rest of your flooring, but it plays a major role in keeping your garage in good condition. It allows any water or other fluids to flow into your drainage system, so nothing builds up in your garage. Rust can get in the way of your drains performing this basic function.

If your current drain cover is rusted, consider replacing your garage floor drain cover with a durable, long-lasting solution. Our team has created metal drain grates that you can set and forget without worrying about rust ever again.

You might not be that concerned about aesthetics, so why should you spend money on something that isn’t currently bothering you? However, a rusty drain cover is not only an eyesore, but it can also cause a variety of other issues for your garage.

Need to replace your rusted old cast iron drain cover?

What Happens If I Don’t Replace My Garage Floor Drain Cover?

A rusty garage floor drain cover that has partially caved in | Metal drain grate

Rust might not seem like a huge deal when it first appears, but if you ignore it for too long, you will be surprised at how invasive it becomes. If you just finished installing new garage flooring, a rusty garage floor drain cover is going to stick out like a sore thumb, but that is the least of your problems.

The metal drain grate acts as an entryway into your drainage system. Significant rust buildup will essentially close and lock this entrance, preventing your drains from doing their job. When rust blocks off your drain, water or anything else that spills on the floor will gradually form a puddle over the drain.

Standing water can produce mildew and various unpleasant odors in your garage, and if your flooring is bare concrete, it will slowly eat away at the surface. In the event of a flood, the water will have nowhere to go, filling your garage and potentially damaging all of your belongings.

Rust and corrosion will break down the materials in your garage floor drain cover, and if left alone for too long, pieces will start to break off. Some covers will cave in entirely, fall directly into the drain, and create a massive blockage that you cannot reach by hand. This blockage introduces the same problems as before, but now, you do not have the ability to just pull it out.

To solve this issue, you will have to call a plumber to come to remove the broken metal drain grates and potentially any damaged PVC piping. This will cost significantly more than proactively replacing your garage floor drain cover, so we highly recommend acting as soon as possible.

Why Choose Our Garage Floor Drain Cover?

Ohio’s weather can be harsh and unpredictable, so you need a garage drain cover that can endure a variety of environmental factors. Fluctuating temperatures, humidity, chemicals, road salts, and flooding are just a few things your drain cover will encounter. Many garages use cast iron covers, and while cast iron sounds strong, it is incredibly vulnerable to rust, corrosion, and cold temperatures. They also have issues with discoloration, chipping, and expansion during corrosion, which damages the surrounding floor.

Someone placing a new garage drain cover in a floor | black garage floor drain coverOur garage floor drain covers are designed with powder-coated carbon steel and manufactured in the USA. These materials offer exceptional resistance to rust and corrosion as well as harsh weather conditions. Carbon steel also has a significantly higher density and tensile strength than iron, making them extremely difficult to break.

Longevity is one of the most important considerations when you choose a garage floor drain cover. Iron covers require frequent replacements due to their susceptibility to corrosion and having something that rusts so easily just increases the chance of larger issues. Our garage drain covers not only use superior materials, but we will also offer a lifetime warranty. Even in the unlikely event that these covers do break, you do not have to worry about spending any more money.

We also offer virtually unlimited sizes and configurations for our drain covers. We will customize our drain covers to fit perfectly with your drainage system.

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OGI | Garage Floor Company with the best garage floor drain coverIf you are looking to replace your rusty garage floor drain cover, you deserve the best possible quality available. We offer a full range of products that are built to last, and they are the perfect addition to a newly installed garage floor. Not sure of what type of garage floor drain cover you need? Contact Garage Drains today, and we can help you find a compatible cover for your drainage system.