The Only Garage Drain Cover That Will Fit

Whether you’ve just added a brand-new epoxy garage floor or you are looking for ways to spruce up your garage on your own, replacing that old, rusty garage drain cover can have a huge impact.  The problem is that the drain grates, drain plates, and drain covers that you in find on Amazon or at Home Depot or Lowes, don’t fit your garage clay bell or PVC drain pipe! is the only manufacturer and supplier of drain covers specifically for a garage that fit the unique diameters and configuration of the drain in your garage. PLUS, they are built to last.

The Importance of Garage Drain Covers

Garage drain covers help prevent the build-up of water or other fluids in your garage by providing an open, easy pathway for liquids to drain. For garages with multiple drains or centrally located drains, a broken or uneven drain cover can serve as a tripping hazard if it’s not fixed. Drain covers are also part of the aesthetics of your garage, so having a drain cover that’s old and rusted detracts from the overall look of the space.

Since garage floor drain covers are a central part of your garage, our team has created a product that is built to work better than the rest. If you’re investing in a new epoxy garage floor, then you need to pair it with one of our drain covers for a modern, clean look.

So what exactly makes our drain covers the best?  It’s the only drain grate that fits.

Need to replace your rusted old cast iron drain cover?

What Makes Our Garage Drain Covers Better Than The Rest?

Rusted garage drain covers1. They are the only drain cover that fits your garage clay pipe. 

2. They are engineered to last.

Our garage drain covers are powder-coated carbon steel drain covers that are proudly made in the USA. Another common type of drain cover on the market is the traditional cast iron drain cover, which may be what you have in your garage. But there’s a reason we didn’t opt for the traditional model.

When compared to cast iron drain covers, our covers are resistant to corrosion or rust. Iron drain covers are prone to rust when exposed to moisture — which they are quite often. Our metal drain grates also have much higher tensile strength compared to iron, which means they are difficult to break.

When it comes to the unpredictability of Ohio weather, you want a drain cover that can withstand temperature changes. Our powder-coated carbon steel garage floor drain grates withstand high heat or extreme cold, and are resistant to screeching, chipping, and fading. Iron covers are brittle in cold temperatures, and over time they discolor, chip, and expand with corrosion. Another key difference is that our drain cover is higher density material, especially when compared with iron covers.

Clean black garage drain cover installation

Finally, when you’re looking to purchase a new garage floor drain cover, you have to consider the longevity. Our drain covers have a lifetime warranty, which means there will never be a need to replace them. Iron covers need to be replaced much more often due to how easily they rust. And, when you shop our drain covers, you benefit from unlimited size offerings. We are proud to offer you a customizable way to find your next drain cover. Traditional covers simply don’t have this flexibility. What you see is what you get.

What Types of Products Does Garage Drains Sell?

We have several different types of drain covers to fit your needs. Our vitrified clay bell sewer pipe cover fits inside the bell end of a ceramic clay sewer pipe. These covers are protected by a lifetime warranty and are resistant to rust and corrosion.

Our standard PVC pipe cover fits most standard PVC drains and is another long-lasting drain cover solution. We also have square-shaped lid covers, which are designed to replace plastic grate covers that typically fit inside Tuf-Tite or similar style drain boxes. Last but not least is our flush side lock cover, which replaces the cover on broken cast iron or odd opening size. This cover has adjustable sliding screw and cage nuts that give you the flexibility to adjust to tighten against various size openings.

Whether you are searching for drain covers, drain grates, floor drain strainers, or outdoor drain covers, you have come to the right place. Even if you’re unsure about which cover to choose, we have experts to help you find the best solution for your garage.

Where Can I Find a Garage Drain Grate or Drain Cover?

If you’ve been searching online and tried Amazon, Home Depot or Lowes and nothing you tried fits, we have the solution.  Where can I find a drain grate that fits my garage?  Here!  When you need a garage drain cover replacement, choose the best in the business. You can trust that our team has your best interests in mind, and has created a product that’s built to last. Our drain cover solutions are the perfect addition to your new garage floor.

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Types of Floor Drain Covers Most Frequently Searched For

Garage Drain Cover
Garage Floor Drain Cover
Garage Drain Replacements
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Stainless Steel Floor Drain
Square Floor Drain
Cast Iron Floor Drain

4 Floor Drain
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Floor Drain Cover Plate
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Outdoor Drain
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Floor Drain Cover Sizes Most Frequently Used

Vitrified Clay Bell Sewer Pipe Cover

Available Outside Diameters:

5 3/4″
7 7/8″
10 3/8″
12 3/4″
14 7/8″
18 3/4″
22 1/2″

Standard PVC Pipe Cover

Available Outside Diameters: (Inside band diameter 1/4″ less than pipe size it fits)

3 1/2″
4 1/2″
5 1/2″
6 1/2″
8 1/2″

Flush Slide Lock Cover

Available Outside Diameters:

4 1/2″
9 1/2″

Square Shaped Drain Cover