Garage Designs and Plans That Expand the Living Space of Your Home

OGI Garage Designs are the Perfect Way to Elevate Your Garage Space

The garage is a totally underutilized space in many homes across the country. There are a plethora of garage designs that you might not have fathomed. Some of these designs help maximize the living space in the home while others can actually make the garage an apartment of its own.

The following are just a few of many ideas for how to utilize your garage to expand the living space in your home.

Garage Plans With A Loft

Plenty of people would love to rent out a room in the home but it comes with a few issues. Adding a loft in your garage can be a way to earn rental income or give your teenager the privacy that they have been craving. Many garages have plumbing so adding a bathroom as well as a small kitchen is also an option.

The largest expense if renting out to a tenant will be that of cooling the garage. Central AC in many houses does not extend to the garage so a window unit might have to be used. These units are not energy efficient for the most part so adding a few dollars on the rent for electric is wise.

Detached Garage Designs


Options tend to multiply when it comes to detached garages. These can be turned into nearly anything and multiple car detached garages have quite a bit of space. Garage plans for these detached garages can vary from an office space to an in-law suite.

These detached garages can have lofts as well as living areas. This can be commonly seen at mechanic garages as some mechanics sleep at the shop if they have a rush job. The only setback about a detached garage is that it might not be insulated very well.

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What To Think About When You Design Your Own Garage Plans

Designing your own garage plan can be quite a lot of fun. Cost is the first thing to think about as having a rough budget is important so the projects costs do not get out of hand. There are online calculators that can help give an estimate on the materials and labor for your garage.

Decide what your family needs out of the garage then design a plan that is in line with this need. This can help in deciding what type of floors to get in the garage as well as what its main function will be. Everyone in the family might want something different so choose according to who will use the garage the most.

How To Start

Finding the correct contractor to transform your garage can be tough. Cost is an issue for many but opting for the cheapest route comes with its risks. A job done poorly can actually cost the homeowner more money in the future.

Take a look at a few contractors and do your research. See if any Better Business Bureau claims have been filed and scour the internet for online reviews. Skip the reviews that are obviously from family members of the employees at the company. The reviews with the most detail and customization are the best resource a person looking for a contractor can see.

Interior Garage Designs


much fun as designing the physical garage building is decorating the interior.  The Ohio Garage Interior’s design gallery provides a plethora of ideas for epoxy garage flooring and garage cabinets.  Whether you’re creating a man cave, auto shrine or additional living space, Ohio Garage Interiors can create the perfect interior finishes for your perfect garage.

Taking advantage of the extra living space that the garage offers is wise. Growing families might not have to move on to a larger home with all of the space the garage adds. Do not renovate the garage on a whim but rather plan it out carefully. Going into a project without having a plan can lead to quite a bit of wasted time.

Good luck with your new garage as it could give your home a whole new feel.