Storage Cabinets For The Garage | Re-Inventing Your Garage

Storage Cabinets For The Garage

Have you thought about adding storage cabinets for the garage? Ohio Garage Interiors is best source for all your home improvement projects. We can transform your garage space into a more functional space, so you can use it to your advantage. With OGI storage cabinets, you can give your garage a makeover and organize your belongings. As a result, you will maximize your storage space while improving your garage’s visual appeal. Our cabinets are also capable of handling extreme temperatures and weather that garage experience in Ohio.

Ohio Garage Interiors garage storage systems make garage organization a breeze. Our cabinets offered in a variety of colors and options from signature laminate, hardware countertops. These wall-mounted cabinets make cleaning a breeze and protect against moisture and nesting of pests. With our signature cabinets, you never have to worry about sagging, warping or delamination. Some key features include:

  • 1′ thick top and bottom
  • 1″ Thick Adjustable shelves
  • Thermally-fused laminate
  • Fully integrated back
  • Clean white interior
  • Heavy duty hardware
  • Euro-style hinges
  • Optional 2mm thick edgeband
  • Off-the-floor design

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Unique Variety | Ohio Garage Interiors

storage cabinets for the garageWith robust construction and dimensions up to 48″ wide, our storage cabinets for the garage offer superior durability and ample storage space. Our promise to you is to perform thorough, precise installation, so you get the storage space you need.

We give every customer a variety of options to suit each unique garage needs. Along with all the utility our wall mounted garage cabinetry offers, providing a multitude of different colors and wood grains. Customers now can choose a range of styles for their garage cabinets. Offering wood grains in Mahogany and Light cherry. Additionally, offering solid color finishes, or for a more modern look, metallic style finishes. No matter what your style is, with OGI we can make it happen. 

Our wall-mounted cabinets protect against nesting pests and damaging moisture. Furthermore, our cabinets will withstand any warping, sagging or delamination. Meaning with the strength and longevity of our cabinetry, there is one less worry on your shoulders.

Maximizing Your Space And Re-Inventing Your Garage

With high traffic flow and extreme temperatures, the garage seems like it will never be an extension of the home. However, with OGI, organization has never looked so good! Ohio Garage Interiors wants you to see your garage’s potential. We are the leading suppliers and designers storage cabinets in Northeast Ohio. We will help you create the garage you deserve. 

Adding storage cabinets for the garage will maximize your space and help you organize your tools, sporting equipment, bikes, and gardening supplies, so you can find them when you need them. Furthermore, you can elevate your garage to a new level of majesty and aesthetic. With OGI, you can create you dream garage. We will work with you to ensure your garage becomes a comfortable extension of your home you can take pride in. 

Additionally, we offer custom options and add-ons such as trash receptacles, lighting, sinks, and even lockers if you so choose. Our storage options allow much freedom of choice, even allowing for small bars or a space for a television. 

Those in a need of a garage enhancement should not hesitate to contact Ohio Garage Interiors. Upon completion of installing your new cabinetry, you will be looking at more than a brand new garage. You will be looking at a new home. If you’re ready to make a change, contact us today!


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