OGI Garage Cabinetry Is The Best Option To Maximize Your Space

garage cabinetryFor many Ohio homes, garages accumulate a cluttered mess of miscellaneous belongings over time. Without proper storage space for these items, navigating your garage can become an unnecessarily tiresome process. However, with Ohio Garage Interiors, you can install a garage cabinetry system to maximize your space.

We have developed our garage cabinets to use space as efficiently as possible and organize your belongings in a convenient, accessible fashion. We manufacture our garage cabinets in-house, giving us a versatile system that works in virtually any garage space. Manufacturing our garage cabinetry in-house means we can provide the best garage storage shelves possible to our customers with their unique customizations tailored to your garage needs. We can create personalized garage cabinetry that fits best with your unique sensibilities. Our design team has complete control over the dimensions of our garage storage cabinets.

As a result, Ohio Garage Interiors can handle any garage space regardless of size and shape. When you choose Ohio Garage Interiors, you receive service from an experienced family-owned company that will not only install your cabinets but will also manufacture them to fulfill your specific needs.


Ohio Garage Interiors’ garage organization cabinets offer many advantages for any garage space. Most notably, the aesthetic quality of our cabinets elevates the garage’s overall appearance. For many homes, the garage is an entryway for the residents and their guests. Therefore, it is ideal to have a pristine, presentable space as an introduction for whomever you are entertaining. Furthermore, a sleek garage cabinet design transforms your garage into a comfy, welcoming extension of the home deserving of praise. In addition to a stylish look, another reason to choose OGI garage cabinetry is, of course, storage!

Our cabinets for the garage can help you reclaim your space as your own. Instead of wading through an endless sea of clutter, you can find a place for everything in your garage. Whether it is sporting equipment, extra kitchenware, tools or even bicycles, OGI garage cabinets are the best option to maximize your space. With our in-house manufacturing, we can develop custom dimensions to ensure your belongings fit comfortably in your new garage cabinetry system.

Key Features of our Garage Cabinetry System

Find the perfect garage cabinet system for your space. Our garage cabinets offer the following key features for guaranteed satisfaction:

  • Adjustable 1″ thick shelves
  • Thermally fused laminate
  • Fully integrated back
  • Crisp, white interior
  • Durable hardware
  • Euro-style hinges
  • Optional 2mm thick edge band
  • Off-the-floor design

Our garage wall storage shelves implement incredibly durable materials.

We design our garage organization cabinet systems to protect against any nesting pests that may attempt to invade your garage. Our garage cabinetry is also designed to withstand the tumultuous Ohio environment. OGI cabinets are resistant to moisture building, warping, sagging and delimitation. You will not have to worry about whether your cabinetry will make it through Ohio’s humid summers and frigid winters. In addition to our garage cabinets’ key features, we also offer custom add-ons to complete your dream garage.

We want to ensure you get the garage you need, so we want you to have a direct influence on the design process. You can choose to add a hideaway hose, bar area, trash bins, sinks, lockers, a trophy showcase and much more! If you are looking to install new garage cabinetry or have any other questions about garage interior design, contact us today.

Creating the Best Garage for Your Home

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