Ohio Garage Interiors garage storage shelves offer heavy-duty storage solutions items of all sizes.  For example, golf bags, cleaning products, and seasonal tires!  From custom cabinetry and overhead storage to Omni Track and Storewall Systems, OGI offers numerous styles of garage shelves.  Whether you’re looking to store items out of the way or need convenient access, OGI has the solution for you.

Amp up garage organization with countless styles of garage storage shelves! Choose your favorite style or combine multiple to create the optimum storage solution with OGI.

Garage Cabinets

Organize any garage with OGI’s signature cabinets. Bring your interior space to the next level and boost functionality. With countless colors, laminates, and hardtops to choose from, our cabinets greatly enhance the interior feel. Customizable add-on options include trash receptacles, storage lockers, and more.

Cabinetry shelves are great for storing shoes, kitchen overflow, or cleaning products. Find the ideal shelving layout or drawer system items of all sizes!

Omni Track Garage Storage Systems

Get the most out of your garage by using wall space. Wall storage is commonly underutilized when it comes to organization. That can all be changed with Omni Track Storage Systems!

Omni Track’s hook and rail system has a diverse selection of accessories. Choose from hooks and brackets or even bins to create your own shelving option. Organize anything from gardening tools and automotive supplies to sports equipment and bicycles with Omni Track’s diverse storage solution.

Storewall Systems

If you like Omni Track, get ready to love Storewall! Storewall systems can expand for the desired style. Use Storewall within cabinets, above workbenches, or across an entire wall! Count on OGI to build an efficient layout with hook, holder, and shelf options. For example, organize tools, paper towels and sporting goods with specialty accessories. Then, organize nails, bolts, and other small hardware using various baskets and shelving. Most importantly, decide what’s most functional for you!

Overhead Garage Shelf Storage

Hanging space is often overlooked. Overhead storage solutions are great for infrequently used items such as holiday decorations and seasonal items. Don’t let these items take up floor space. Instead, store them up and out of the way with overhead shelves!

OGI uses Safe Rack storage solutions that are up to 4-feet by 8-feet in size. Conveniently hide these racks above the overhead garage doors! Securely store winter tires, patio furniture, decorations, and more with these durable, innovative overhead racks.

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Featured Garage Shelf Options

Garage shelving is a top way of organizing products that range in size. Additionally, OGI has many custom solutions for specific applications. For example, many are looking for a spot to drop their shoes before walking into the house or a custom fit cabinet for their golf bag. OGI has all of that and more! Inquire more for your specific storage needs today!

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