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Here at OGI, we can give you a stylish garage cabinet organization system, so you can make better use of your garage space. Our cabinets can make your garage look like a photo from a home improvement magazine. These garage cabinet systems can give you ample space to store all of the items in your garage. As a result, your garage will look cleaner and more organized with elegant visual appeal. 

Garage spaces tend to build up clutter over time, so miscellaneous items begin to pile up and get in the way without sufficient storage space. As a result, your garage becomes harder to traverse and looks more cluttered and unkempt.

Most people use their garages every single day, so excess clutter can be a significant inconvenience. OGI garage cabinets are the most effective options for organizing and storing your belongings, allowing you to reclaim your garage space. You can transform your garage into a comfortable extension of the home with OGI organization systems.

In addition, we can complement your garage cabinet system with high-strength garage flooring epoxy.

Ohio Garage Interiors Cabinets Key Features

  • Contain thermal-fused melamine that can withstand heavy loads and extreme temperatures.
  • High-strength construction with off-the-floor mounting that protects against moisture and nesting pests.
  • We use strong, all-steel construction hardware instead of staples for superior stability.
  • Full quarter-inch backed cabinets with the top-grade, European, concealed hinges.
  • Our cabinets use “Dado Joint” construction with PVC edge banding.
  • Use of one-inch thick adjustable shelves that are 25% thicker than the industry standard with load bearing capacity of 100 pounds.
  • Various hardware and handle selections all containing cast or stainless steel.
  • Our cabinets have full-width openings with no center posts, so they are ideal for handling large, bulky items.
  • Easy-to-clean thermofused melamine interiors and exteriors protect against stains and spills.
  • Never any worries about sagging, warping or delamination. Our cabinets are built for the harsh demands of the garage environment.
  • Doors conceal clutter to keep room feeling clean and calm with a sophisticated aesthetic.
  • Numerous cabinet sizes and 22 laminate colors allow endless design options you can customize to fit your specific needs.
  • Our experienced install team ensures a fast turnaround, so you can quickly regain access to your improved garage.
  • Ultimate durability that will out-perform any other system on the market.

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In-House Garage Cabinet Manufacturing

We manufacture all of our garage cabinet systems in-house, so you always get the finest craftsmanship available. This also allows you to choose from many customization options depending on the size and shape of your garage. With OGI garage cabinets, every item has its place, and you can maximize your garage space. We offer our garage cabinet systems with dimensions reaching up to 48 inches wide, so you can get the storage space you need. Ohio Garage Interiors organization systems are the best way to reclaim your garage.

High-Quality Modern Garage Cabinet Systems

We design our cabinets to offer maximum functionality as well as stylish aesthetic. They also protect against moisture and nesting pests. With our signature garage cabinets, you never have to worry about sagging, warping or delamination. We manufacture these cabinets with a thermally fused laminate and durable hardware. As a result, our cabinets can easily make it through Ohio’s humid summers and frigid winters.

In addition to superior construction and design, our expert team will give you the color and finish you want, ensuring the style suits your tastes. Furthermore, our control over the dimensions of each cabinet set allows us to create a system for virtually any space. Working with Ohio Garage Interiors means you receive precision design, manufacturing and installation at competitive pricing.

If you are looking to install new garage cabinets or have any other questions about garage interior design, contact us today!

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