Custom Garage Cabinets | Options & Add-Ons

Are you looking to create a personalized cabinet system for your garage? Ohio Garage Interiors is a leader in the design, manufacturing and installation of custom garage cabinets and organization systems. We offer a wide selection of garage cabinet options, so you can easily organize and reclaim your garage.

metallic epoxy floorYou can create the custom garage cabinets of your dreams with OGI’s options and add-ons.  At Ohio Garage Interiors, we believe that every one of our clients is unique.  Each person has features and hobbies that work best for them. Thus, we offer the ability to customize each garage cabinet system to meet each customer’s unique needs. From built-in sinks and trash receptacles to hideaway hoses and storewall panels, Ohio Garage Interiors has custom solutions for everyone. 

We take the time to identify what is essential for each customer, so we can more accurately create ideal custom garage cabinets.  Are you an avid golfer? Great, we’ll create a cabinet that neatly organizes your clubs.  Do you need a built-in sink near your workbench? No problem. Perhaps, you’d like some extra space to catch the next big game.  Ohio Garage Interiors offer nearly endless custom solutions, so you can install cabinets that fulfill your needs.  

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Examples of Custom Garage Cabinets

  • Built-In Sinks
  • Custom Designs for Sporting Equipment
  • Hideaway Hose
  • Bar Area
  • Trophy Showcase
  • Ski-Storage
  • Built-In Television
  • Trash Receptacles

Why Choose OGI Custom Garage Cabinets?

Copper Blaze Cabinet | Garage CabinetsChoosing OGI cabinets means you receive the value of both functionality and style in tandem. As a result, you can organize your garage and maximize your space with the addition of a visual appealing aesthetic. All our custom garage cabinets are sleek and uniform, so your home will look like a photo from a professional home improvement magazine! Furthermore, you finally have the chance to clear all the clutter and regain control over your space. With OGI cabinets, organizing your garage is a breeze.

Clutter inevitably builds up over time in garages without enough storage space. As a result, your garage space steadily becomes more chaotic. Homeowners typically access their garages every day, so clutter becomes increasingly invasive. Furthermore, it becomes a chore to simply walk through your garage.

OGI custom garage cabinets, however, can provide you will plenty of storage space for all your belongings. OGI gives you the space to properly store your belongings and transform your garage into a comfy extension of the home. Every item has its place with OGI cabinets, so you can reclaim your garage and make better use of the space.

Additionally, we offer precision garage flooring installation, which will complement your custom garage cabinet system. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of products and services!

In-House Manufacturing

Garage CabinetsOGI offers the advantages of precision, in-house manufacturing, so we have full control of dimensions and custom options. As a result, we can more effectively fulfill the needs of each unique customer. Manufacturing in-house also gives us the ability to ensure OGI customers receive the best craftsmanship.

OGI custom garage cabinet systems can give you place for every miscellaneous item in your garage. We offer systems with dimensions extending up to 48 inches wide, so you have ample room to store large, bulky belongings. In addition, we mount our cabinet systems to your garage walls for easier cleaning.

Ohio Garage Interiors gives you the opportunity to get creative and customize your new cabinets, so you can reclaim your garage and add an aesthetic that best fits your tastes.

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Key Features of our Garage Cabinets System

Find the perfect custom garage cabinets for you. Our cabinet systems offer the following features:

  • Adjustable 1″ thick shelves
  • Thermally fused laminate
  • Fully integrated back
  • Crisp, white interior
  • Durable hardware
  • Euro-style hinges
  • Optional 2mm thick edge band
  • Off-the-floor design
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