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Looking for the perfect upgrade for your garage flooring? Ohio Garage Interiors is a leading provider of residential and commercial polyaspartic epoxy flooring solutions in Northeast Ohio. Our high-strength polyaspartic epoxy floor coating offers exceptional protection, so your flooring can look better and last longer.

We offer high-precision garage floor polyaspartic epoxy installation as well as concrete repair and restoration services. We also have competitive pricing for all services, so you can protect your flooring without overspending.

Garages are inherently high-traffic areas with residents, visitors, and vehicles regularly traveling over the concrete. Ohio flooring also encounters higher temperatures and humidity during the summer as well as thaw cycles during the winter. As a result, the concrete will likely expand, shrink, crack, and degrade. Bare concrete is also vulnerable to dirt, dust, automotive oils and fuels, road salt, and corrosive chemicals.

With Ohio Garage Interiors, you can install polyaspartic epoxy resin flooring with exceptional durability, so the underlying concrete can resist almost any potential hazards. We are always working to improve our products to give our clients the best garage flooring available.

There are countless available methods and products for installing new garage flooring; however, many of these options do not offer the protection your flooring needs. OGI polyaspartic epoxy floor coatings are the best solution for your flooring.

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OGI’s polyaspartic epoxy floor coating

Our polyaspartic epoxy floor coating is the most effective option for protecting concrete surfaces. These high-strength coatings create a permanent bond with the underlying concrete. As a result, your flooring receives an impenetrable defense against a wide range of potential hazards.

OGI polyaspartic epoxy offers excellent resistance to chemicals, mold, mildew, flooding, road salt, abrasions, and more! Polyaspartic epoxy also provides impermeability for water, dirt, and dust.

In addition to superior protection, we will add decorative flakes to your polyaspartic epoxy floor coating to minimize dust and dirt visibility. Our clients also get to personalize the decorative flake system, so their new flooring suits their unique tastes.

Polyaspartic Epoxy coating floor cost | Polyaspartic Epoxy concrete floor cost

Residential customers can select from various colors and designs. Our residential flooring installation services cost $5-8 per square foot for epoxy that does not contain polymer. This pricing also applies to our basement polyaspartic epoxy flooring.

Commercial OGI clients can pay as low as $2 per square foot depending on the size of the space. In short, the larger the space, the lower the price.

Additional charges may apply for some customized options.

Flooring products to avoid

DIY garage epoxy floor kits

DIY epoxy kits have become an increasingly popular option for Ohio homeowners. They are available in almost every home improvement store and are markedly cheaper than other flooring solutions. Unfortunately, its initial affordability results in many more costs down the road. DIY can offer some protection for your concrete, but it is not as effective as OGI polyaspartic epoxy.

Most homeowners choose DIY epoxy because it allows them to lower material costs and cut out the middleman. However, DIY flooring introduces a myriad of costly disadvantages. These flooring kits require nearly perfect installations without extreme temperatures and other environmental conditions.

In fact, even the most minor mistake will result in various visual defects as well as incomplete protection against potential hazards. As a result, you will have to spend more money on repetitive, expensive repairs to maintain your flooring.

With OGI, you can avoid these issues with higher quality polyaspartic epoxy coatings and the expertise of proven contractors.

Concrete resurfacers

Garage concrete resurfacers consist of polymer materials, Portland cement, sand, and some other additives. The function of these products is to repair flaws that have formed in your flooring, but it is not a complete solution.

These products will only solve surface-level issues. Significant damages will require more in-depth repairs. If you notice issues such as spalling, deep cracks, or major pitting and settling, you will need a more thorough solution than concrete resurfacers.

Garage floor coverings

Garage floor coverings include rugs, floor mats, parking pads, and trays. These are typically used to deal with snow, rain, and ice buildup tracked in by cars. However, these coverings require frequent draining and are incredibly heavy when carrying water.

Also, in situations where the coverings are not drained regularly, the excess moisture will increase condensation levels in the garage. As a result, the water will begin leaking into the cement and possibly cause extreme damage.


Roll-on sealers are another popular residential garage flooring solution. Sealers are easy to apply and offer affordable pricing, so many homeowners see them as the ideal budget flooring solution. However, sealers only offer minor defense against staining and water damage.


Patching is a common solution for repairing small issues with crack fillers, sealers, and other patching compounds. This is only a short-term solution, however. Patches will not prevent future damage or fix more serious issues. Patching specific areas of your flooring also leaves your flooring looking “patchy” for lack of a better term.


Stains are another surface-level fix for minor issues, but they will not treat more serious underlying issues with the concrete or protect from environmental hazards. Stains will add some color or a stone and epoxy aesthetic to your floor, but they will not offer the protection you need.

Concrete paints or epoxy paints

Concrete floor paint is an incredibly popular coating system among homeowners because they are believed to provide protection for garage flooring. They are also much more affordable than other options. However, these paints are only a cosmetic addition to garage flooring, providing no protection. You will also have to deal with paint chips and other nuisances that require frequent maintenance.

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Our polyaspartic epoxy floor coating offers a multitude of unique advantages:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy to Clean
  • Exceptional Resistance to Wear and Tear
  • Various Customization Options
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  • Precision Installation
  • Twenty-Year Warranty Against Peeling and Delamination!

If you are looking to install new garage flooring in Northeast Ohio, contact Ohio Garage Interiors today! With our precision installation services, you can install visually stunning flooring that will last for years. We install garage flooring all year round, so don’t be afraid to schedule an on-site inspection for a free quote!