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Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Flooring with Polyaspartic Top Coat

At OGI, our flooring professionals manipulate Metallic Epoxy with Polyaspartic Top Coat for varying effects. This unique coating has a reflective quality and stunning color variation. Additionally, no two metallic floors are alike!  With this coating, our designers can enhance the ambiance of any environment significantly.

In addition to its looks, our metallic epoxy with polyaspartic top coat series has many benefits. For starters, these floors are known for durability and withstand heavy use. Metallic Polyaspartic Epoxy is excellent in garage workshops, garages, and showrooms for example. Next, the installation process is quick and pain-free with OGI. Best of all, cleaning is extremely easy. The clean seal prevents dirt from burying itself and hiding in flooring crevices. Easily clean the surface with minimal effort.

Metallic Epoxy Floor with Polyaspartic Top Coat Qualities

This type of epoxy utilizes a clear epoxy or polyaspartic base. Then, OGI colors the translucent floors with varying kinds of metallic powder. Therefore, creating a coating with glossy, deep-looking, visual effects. For example, effects can include illusions of craters, ripples, or swirling rivers of metallic-looking plasma.

Are you looking to showcase a classic car or enhance the interior of your garage? OGI’s Metallic Polyaspartic Epoxy floor series can do just that. Due to its individuality and strength, Metallic Epoxy with Polyaspartic Top Coat is also perfect for retail establishments, nightclubs, automotive showrooms, or beauty salons! This flooring is gorgeous, but what really sets it apart is the high-performance epoxy and polyurethane resin. As a result, there is a high solids count that drives durability. Additionally, metallic polyaspartic epoxy is oil, salt, chemical, acid, and wear-and-tear resistant!


  • 100% Polyaspartic Epoxy
  • 24 Vibrant Color Choices
  • 3-Coat, Seamless Flooring System
  • Designed for Interior or Exterior Use
  • Unique Application Techniques
  • UV Stable

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