Ohio Garage Interiors Metallic Polyaspartic Epoxy Floor Price

Ohio Garage Interiors Metallic Polyaspartic Epoxy Floor Price

Ohio Garage Interiors offers a cost-effective metallic polyaspartic epoxy floor price, so you get the most value for your dollar on your garage flooring project. Although our competitors offer a seemingly convenient 1-day installation, they cost $3 more per square foot than Ohio Garage Interiors. 1-day installations are unnecessary and are only a means for getting you to spend excess money on your project.

Ohio Garage Interiors Metallic Polyaspartic Epoxy Floor PriceWith OGI, however, you receive affordable, high-performance products with superior durability and longevity. Furthermore, taking more time to perform a thorough installation ensures you receive higher quality flooring while avoiding the future formation of defects. As a result, you receive the most reliable flooring without exceeding your budget. Whether garage, basement or commercial flooring, OGI can help you save money.

Residential and Commercial Metallic Epoxy Floor Price with Polyaspartic Top Coat

Residential customers can choose from a variety of colors and designs to suit their personal tastes. Our metallic polyaspartic epoxy floor price is $5-8 per square foot for the epoxy that does not contain polymer. This pricing applies to our garage and basement metallic epoxy flooring.

For our commercial customers, our prices go as low as $2 per square foot depending on the size of the facility. The larger the space, the lower the price.

For more customized options, additional charges may apply.

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Advantages of Metallic Polyaspartic Epoxy Floor

OGI metallic flooring epoxy with polyaspartic top coat meets much higher performance standards than typical epoxy products. It has become increasingly common for homeowners to turn to DIY when installing new flooring. The goal of DIY is to cut out the middleman and reduce material costs, but is it a truly reliable option?

Ohio Garage Interiors Metallic Polyaspartic Epoxy Floor PriceIn reality, DIY projects employ weaker materials and less precise installation techniques, so the flooring will peel and degrade more quickly and frequently. As a result, you spend far more money on frequent repairs and maintenance than you would with a professional flooring company. Ohio Garage Interiors, however, can install high-quality flooring without exceeding your budget.

When you hire contractors from proven flooring installation companies, you receive higher quality flooring, precision installation and friendly customer service. OGI metallic flooring polyaspartic epoxy forms a permanent bond with your floor. This creates a virtually impenetrable defense against intense weather conditions and many other forms of wear and tear.

Additionally, the impermeable surface keeps dirt and stains from settling, making cleaning much simpler. Messes and spills can be cleaned with a quick mopping, vacuuming or hosing down of your garage. 

OGI also offers far more precision in flooring installation. We always perform a two-day process rather than rushing single-day installation like our competitors. As a result, your new flooring materials will have time to acclimate to your garage’s climate, preventing any potential defects from forming in the future.

Why Choose OGI Metallic Epoxy with Polyaspartic Top Coat?

  • Low Maintenance Requirements: In addition to superior durability, OGI flooring is impermeable and non-slip. Thus, it can both protect against incoming wear and tear as well as make cleaning quick and easy. You can clean nearly any mess with a quick mopping or vacuuming without the risk of slippage.
  • Durability and Longevity: OGI flooring protects against various hazards including mold, mildew, flooding, road salt corrosion, impacts, abrasions, corrosive chemicals, foot traffic and much more! As a result, OGI flooring lasts longer and looks better without repetitive repairs.
  • Customization: Choose from a wide variety of colors for your new metallic flooring and personalize it to suit your stylistic tastes.
  • On-site Inspection & Free Quotes: Setup an on-site inspection, and we can give you a quote free of charge!
  • Local Contractors: We take pride in being a completely locally owned and operated flooring installation company, so we will never hire subcontractors to help us with our projects. You will receive service from genuine OGI contractors, ensuring you receive the best craftsmanship and customer service in the industry.
  • Ten-Year Warranty Against Peeling and Delamination!

Metallic Polyaspartic Epoxy Floor Qualities and Features

OGI metallic flooring contains a polyaspartic base or clear epoxy, which we then color with different types of metallic powder. As a result, we can create a glossy flooring aesthetic with unique visual effects. Some flooring visual effects we offer include ripples, craters and swirling rivers of metallic plasma.

Metallic polyaspartic epoxy is also extremely durable, so it is ideal for residential garages as well as automotive showrooms, salons, retail stores and more! OGI metallic polyaspartic epoxy consists of high-performance epoxy and polyurethane resin, providing unmatched strength regardless of application. Additionally, it is resistant to salt, oil, acid, chemicals and many other potential hazards.


  • 100% Polyaspartic Epoxy
  • 24 Vibrant Color Choices
  • 3-Coat, Seamless Flooring System
  • Designed for Interior or Exterior Use
  • Unique Application Techniques
  • UV Stable

The Hidden Costs of Stone and Epoxy Flooring

Avoid stone and epoxy flooring! There are many misleading advertisements that make stone and epoxy flooring seem like a cost-effective choice. However, these ads paint an exaggerated picture of stone and epoxy’s advantages.

stone and epoxy flooring is portrayed as a durable and low-maintenance option with prices as low as 99 cents per square foot. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. The true cost of stone and epoxy flooring can reach up to $13 per square foot. Furthermore, it introduces many issues and hidden costs:

  • Preparation and installation tack on substantial costs to the square footage.
  • The texture of stone and epoxy results in higher maintenance costs.
  • Some garage flooring companies will threaten customers with loss of their warranty if they do not pay for expensive, professional cleaning annually.
  • Mold and mildew buildup is common with stone and epoxy, further increasing repair needs.
  • Ohio’s inclement weather increases the likelihood of costly maintenance.
  • Cleaning is difficult and time-consuming.

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