How Long Does Garage Floor Epoxy Last?

How long does garage floor epoxy last with proper maintenance and our special polyaspartic solution?? Connect with the team from Ohio Garage Interiors today to find out how you could get the most out of your garage transformation.

How Long Does Garage Floor Epoxy Last With the Right Care?

epoxy garage floor lifespan | epoxy floor with car on itWhether you have been planning to turn your garage into the ultimate auto showroom, a striking storage space or even a home office, a polyaspartic epoxy garage floor can add a new element to your space.

What is epoxy floor coating? The flooring solution is the result of the chemical reaction between epichlorohydrin and bisphenol-A. Epoxy flooring often provides more significant cost savings than alternative floor coatings and offer smooth surfaces and striking aesthetics.

How long does garage floor epoxy last? Depending on the additives present in a coating and the levels of foot traffic, drop impact, wear from vehicles in a space and other factors, an epoxy garage floor coating can last between two and ten years with proper maintenance. If you contract with OGI and benefit from our use of polyaspartic flooring, your epoxy garage floor will be guaranteed for a minimum of twenty years.

how long does garage floor epoxy last grey epoxy floor with car on it

The lifespan of an epoxy floor also depends on the choice between DIY and professional installation. Professional installers have access to professional-grade materials, while materials available for DIY projects are especially vulnerable to peeling, delamination and other damage.

In most cases, a DIY epoxy floor installation will come with significant repair costs in the long run, while a professional undertaking, even if it costs more at the outset, offers a superior value for the long term. Especially if you want your epoxy floor to last a long time, it is best to invest in professional garage floor installers at the front end of the project.

For the right installation and the right lifespan, partner with a team of professional installers and be sure to sweep on a daily basis and apply a gentle floor cleaning solution once per week.

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Endless Advantages and Customization Possibilities

The garage is one of the most versatile spaces in any home, and epoxy coatings offer the same versatility when it comes to the capacity for customization. Have you been planning to incorporate the colors of your favorite sports team into your new space?

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Epoxy floors can accommodate a nearly endless variety of custom colors. Ohio Garage Interiors can also incorporate a diverse range of finishes, metallic-look options, decorative flakes, and additives to create a unique aesthetic.

These flooring solutions can also withstand the buildup of both mold and mildew. This advantage can be especially beneficial for families dealing with allergies or asthma. In addition, an epoxy floor’s ability to resist moisture accumulation also minimizes the risk of flood damage and the costs that can come with it.

Cleaning is easy with an epoxy garage floor coating. Specifically, the nonporous surfaces of these floors resist the accumulation of debris. To address any messes, just give the surface a quick mop or vacuum and keep up with weekly sweeping.

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How Long Does Stone & Epoxy Last?

One of the most popular epoxy flooring solutions is the stone and epoxy option. In this particular case, the answer to the question “how long does epoxy floor last” is much closer to the short end of the spectrum. There are a few facets of stone and epoxy epoxy that make it different from regular epoxy flooring, and not in advantageous ways. Unfortunately, the characteristics that make stone and epoxy epoxy so attractive are also what makes it unable to last as long as other epoxy alternatives.

Stone and epoxy is a porous material that allows spills and moisture to seep in easily to the underfloor. Not only can this cause the flooring to unsettle, but it can also create the perfect conditions for mildew to grow. Moreover, unlike our polyaspartic solution, stone and epoxy flooring and other regular epoxy coatings are not able to withstand UV rays, so they can quickly become yellow and degraded. In terms of value in paying for an epoxy floor that will last a long time, the OGI solution is your best economic investment.

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