If it’s time to replace your garage floor, you need to find the best possible epoxy flooring company for the job. Epoxy flooring will take your current garage space and turn it into the garage of your dreams. Not only is this floor the most durable on the market, but the glossy finish will give you a fresh, modern look that is the garage renovation you’ve been looking for.

Probably the most important step for you to take is finding an epoxy flooring company you can trust. You want a team that uses the best materials, answers all of your questions, and gives you the best investment possible.

So what makes Ohio Garage Interiors the best epoxy flooring company for the job?

What To Expect From Your Epoxy Flooring Company

Contractor Installing Epoxy FlooringFirst and foremost, you want to choose an epoxy flooring company that will listen to your needs and create a space you can use. This starts at the very beginning of the process, with an initial consultation. That’s why Ohio Garage Interiors offers a free, on-site consultation before you decide to move forward with a project. We want to ensure you know that we are an epoxy flooring company you can trust.

Customer service throughout the flooring installation process is another key factor. If your epoxy flooring company doesn’t take the time to explain the process to you so you know what you expect, you may feel blindsided. The installation experts at Ohio Garage Interiors are here to help when you have questions, and we always prioritize customer satisfaction.

It’s important to note that there are many garage flooring companies that boast a “one-day” installation. While this sounds convenient, opting for faster installation is not always the best choice. Here at Ohio Garage Interiors, our two-day installation process allows for ample time for the materials to mold together and form a strong bond so your floor lasts. Be wary of companies whose main focus is getting the job done fast, rather than doing a careful, quality job.

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Why Epoxy Flooring?

The most obvious benefit of an epoxy flooring company is the materials they use. Ohio Garage Interiors uses polyaspartic polyurea epoxy flooring, which is known as being one of the most durable materials in the flooring industry.

Our flooring materials protect against peeling and delamination, and other forms of wear and tear. The polyaspartic epoxy bonds to your concrete floor to create a rock-solid coating that won’t be worn down by weather or heavy use. And just because this material is sturdy, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics. Ohio Garage Interiors has Decorative Vinyl Flake Blends and other floor colors you can choose from to add a touch of color to your floor.

Choose Ohio Garage Interiors As Your Epoxy Flooring Company

Ohio Garage Interiors is a family-owned and operated flooring company serving Northeast Ohio with premier flooring solutions. We’ve worked tirelessly to perfect our processes to deliver the best flooring possible to all of our customers.

Ohio Garage Interiors has a two-day installation process that allows time for the epoxy floor coating to bond with the concrete. We pride ourselves on a “customer first” approach to business, meaning we want our customers to feel that they are getting the floor of their dreams when they invest in epoxy flooring. In addition to garages, our team works on basement flooring, patios, and commercial flooring. We can take your flooring project to the next level thanks to our tried-and-true installation and high-quality materials.

Let us be the epoxy flooring company to take on your flooring project. Schedule a free onsite design consultation today to get started.