Best Flooring for Basement Environments

Best Flooring for Basement Environments | Ohio Garage Interiors

polyaspartic epoxy flooring for basement from a basement flooring company

Here’s the good news about choosing the best flooring for basement spaces: you can install almost any kind of flooring below grade level. Here’s the bad news: moisture issues will surely lurk without proper installation.  While every space requires thought, basements likely require the most.  Installing the wrong flooring can impact your health because of the moisture that occurs. Mold and mildew thrive in these spaces, feeding off of natural materials that are mistakenly used by homeowners. 

At OGI, we like to follow something we call “The Ohio Rule.” This means, [O]nly [H]andle [I]t [O]nce.  If you’re going to put effort into finishing your basement, get it right the first time by choosing the best flooring for basements.
Polyaspartic Epoxy Sealed Basement Flooring

Polyaspartic Epoxy basement flooring is maintenance-free, inexpensive, and gorgeous. Ohio Garage Interiors uses a high-end hybrid polymer finish that integrates an epoxy additive made right here in Ohio. OGI’s polyaspartic epoxy is 4x-stronger than the standard epoxy.  This non-porous coating seals to the surface and is not affected by water damage and the moisture that lingers in basements.  Not to mention, polyaspartic epoxy is hypo-allergenic.  The hard surface easily resists the invasion of germs and bacteria.  Easily clean our polyaspartic epoxy finish with routine dry sweeping.  For an in-depth, sparkling clean, we recommend using a wet mop and one of the solutions we commonly use. 


In addition to easy cleaning and resistance to germs, polyaspartic epoxy basement flooring has a long list of benefits.

  • UV Resistant
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Non-Toxic
  • Zero VOC’s
  • Non-Porous
  • Stain-Resistant

Yet to boot, there are countless options of colors and patterns for polyaspartic epoxy.  Regardless of the style, you’re aiming for, our design and installation experts at OGI are sure to help you achieve it.  Options include metallic epoxy with polyaspartic top coat, organic mica flakes, decorative vinyl flakes, solids, or even an ode to your favorite sports team.


A downside to epoxy flooring is the variability in quality.  Meaning, not all epoxy is created equally.  For example, DIY epoxy absolutely cannot compare to a professional installation.  Even if it did, prepping floors for installation is labor extensive and the fumes can be quite strong.

The entire process demands proper planning, venting, and handling of materials.  That is why OGI uses a two-day installation technique.  One of the many bonuses of our tact includes an assurance that the coating has proper time to bond to the surface of the floor.

Best Flooring for Basement Environments | Our 10-Year Guarantee

OGI’s UV stability feature of our polyaspartic epoxy system ensures your floor will look new for years to come.  Instead of just claiming to have the best epoxy coating, we put our reputation behind it.  OGI backs our flooring systems with a 20-year guarantee! If within the span your concrete flooring faces corrosion or other forms of damage, call Ohio Garage Interiors and we’ll take care of it! For your next home interior project, whether it be basements or garages, call on our team at OGI, a top basement flooring company.


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