Basement Flooring Options For Harsh Basement Environments 

Ohio Garage Interiors, providing basement flooring options to homeowner’s across Northeast, Ohio. Here at OGI, we understand how frustrating moisture issues caused by the concrete flooring in your basement can be. We also know all too well if there is moisture there’s bound to be mold and mildew lurking down there as well. Not only is this a nuisance but it poses health concerns for your family. 

Basement Flooring OptionsBasement floor polyaspartic epoxy is one of the top basement flooring solutions due to its non-porous seamless wall to wall barrier. Protecting your basement’s foundation from moisture build-up, including mold and mildew growth, and creating a flood-resistant surface. Additionally, with the end results of a dry, clean and healthier atmosphere, epoxy flooring increases the square footage of your home.

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Benefits of basement floor polyaspartic epoxy from Ohio Garage Interiors:

OGI concrete basement floor contractors producing healthy, functional and beautiful basement floors one home at a time. 

  • Ease of Both Cleaning and Maintenance
    • A nonpermeable basement floor polyaspartic epoxy surface prevents damage from both dirt and grime.  
  • Resistant to Mold, Mildew, and Flooding Damage
    • In all, the basement is one of the most vulnerable rooms of a house when it comes to moisture damage.  However, basement floor polyaspartic epoxy from Ohio Garage Interiors resists more moisture than standard polyaspartic epoxy solutions.  
  • Thorough Acclimation Process
    • Overall, competing contractors often don’t allow flooring solutions to the necessary amount of time to cure.  However, the home improvement professionals from Ohio Garage Interiors set aside two days for each basement floor polyaspartic epoxy installation to allow for proper acclimation and thorough cleanup.
  • Endless Possibilities
    • From DecoFlake, to metallic basement floor polyaspartic epoxy, to solid color options, the selection from Ohio Garage Interiors has something for both everyone and every space.  

OGI’s Polyaspartic Epoxy Is Northeast, Ohio’s #1 Flooring Choice 

When compared to another type of flooring for the concrete slab in a basement, the most protective choice hands down is polyaspartic epoxy flooring. With the price per square foot, and its durability and longevity is what makes polyaspartic epoxy flooring the most affordable investment for your home. In addition, OGI offers a ten-year warranty after installation of your polyaspartic epoxy flooring, so you get the most for your money.

If your basement floor has cracks or other damage from time and or settling, or if there are moisture, mold and mildew issues OGI has the solutions with our polyaspartic epoxy flooring near me. Call today for a free on-site estimate. Our team members will walk you through the process and answer any questions and concerns you might have. 

OGI basement flooring requires minimal effort to clean and maintain. The polyaspartic epoxy coating seals to the base leaving a non-permeable surface that prevents penetration of dirt and grime. Simply run a vacuum on hard-surface mode to remove everyday dust and debris.  Then, when needed for a more in-depth clean, use one of our recommended formulas and a mop.

We also offer a diverse variety of colors and styles for polyaspartic epoxy flooring. Take a moment to browse our vast color chart below, we are confident you’ll find a selection for your home’s style. Additionally, we offer affordability, craftsmanship, and efficacy, so you can perform remodeling projects within your budget. We also offer the best in both product and customer service quality. With basement floor polyaspartic epoxy from OGI, your flooring receives a massive upgrade to functionality, durability and visual appeal.

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