Does an Epoxy Garage Floor Increase The Value of my Home?

If you’re thinking about investing in an epoxy garage floor, you’re probably wondering if it’s the right decision for you. Is an epoxy floor worth it? Is it going to make your home more valuable? Or do people not care about concrete garage floors?

The simple answer is yes, epoxy garage floors are a durable, safe, and visually appealing element to add to a home. Not only does this increase the value of your property, but it renews and refreshes old spaces. An epoxy garage floor is an investment, so before you make that decision, you probably want to know about some of the benefits of installing an epoxy garage floor. Let’s take a look at the benefits of epoxy flooring, and why it’ll increase the value of your home.

Epoxy Flooring Is Durable And Safe

Maybe you have an old concrete floor that’s cracked and beginning to erode, or maybe you are tired of slipping on old garage steps and dragging dirt into the house. When you make the change to epoxy flooring, these old flooring problems are erased. 

Epoxy flooring makes your garage floor more resilient to tire marks and spills, which is especially beneficial if you live in a climate that changes every few months. When you choose a company that is committed to getting the job done right, you also benefit from flooring that prevents water and salt damage and repels stains. Luckily, when you go with Ohio Garage Interiors, you’ll get all of these benefits and more.

In addition to the low maintenance costs of epoxy flooring, it’s also safe. When done right, epoxy flooring provides some slip resistance when the floor is wet. So no need to worry if you’re coming inside after a rainstorm, or if water spills on the floor. This is much safer than concrete, which can become extremely slippery and dangerous when it gets wet.

Epoxy flooring is also easy to keep clean. Rather than breathing in concrete dust and dirt, you’re respiratory system will thank you for the clean, safe space that epoxy flooring creates.

Aesthetics That Stand Out

Aesthetically, epoxy garage flooring stands out among others. Epoxy flooring can come in a range of designs and colors, which gives you a chance to stylize your flooring. Plus, when you choose Ohio Garage Interiors for your flooring, you can choose from solid color options to DecoFlake.

Investing in an epoxy garage floor also means that, should you choose to sell your house at some point, potential buyers will see your garage as a totally revitalized space. Your garage becomes much more than just a space where you park your car and store old tools. It can become a clean, safe, and stylized place for you to utilize however you need.


Does an Epoxy Garage Floor Increase The Value of my Home?

Why Choose OGI For My Epoxy Garage Floor?

Ohio Garage Interiors has perfected the process of epoxy flooring using only the highest-quality materials for your floor. There are many benefits to choosing OGI for your garage flooring, starting with free quotes. If you’re unsure if you want to follow through with a new garage floor, give us a call. We’ll send an expert out to assess your space and give you a free quote prior to any service being done.

In addition, OGI is a locally owned and operated company. There are no subcontractors who come and do the job. Our tight-knit team works together to get the job done right with precision. You benefit from our experts who have spent years perfecting the process to provide the most reliable flooring and installation possible.

OGI also offers more services that you may benefit from, in addition to garage flooring. Their floor coating system is great for basement flooring, so you can transform your basement space and give it a new and improved look. The coating OGI uses also works well for commercial polyaspartic epoxy and industrial flooring. What this means is that OGI’s polyaspartic epoxy installation is the ideal solution to your flooring needs.


About The Team At Ohio Garage Interiors

Ohio Garage Interiors is a locally owned and operated team that is a leading choice for garage flooring. They have worked for decades to build a reputation as one of the top flooring providers in Northeast Ohio.

OGI offers their clients custom flooring solutions for basements and garages. They use high-end floor coatings and only the highest quality materials to get the job done. Not only do they want to make your space functional, but they also want to give you a space you’ll love.

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