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If you are looking for concrete resurfacing services in Northeast Ohio, Ohio Garage Interiors can give you the garage flooring upgrade you need. OGI is a leader in garage flooring installation, so we can install the high-strength flooring your garage needs with thorough, competitively-priced service. Furthermore, our Polyaspartic resurfacing materials are the strongest solution available! In fact, OGI floor coatings can protect the existing concrete from nearly any incoming damage.

Our flooring solutions offer exceptional strength and protection for garage concrete slabs. As a result, OGI customers do not have to worry about the costly repairs associated with subpar flooring options. Most notably, our Polyaspartic floor coatings ensure your flooring looks better and lasts longer without any excessive, time-consuming maintenance.

Choosing Ohio Garage Interiors means you get to work with concrete resurfacing experts who will work tirelessly to give you the quality service you deserve. Once we have a complete understanding of what you need, we can protect your floor’s concrete surface with high-strength epoxy. Furthermore, we only use the best materials available for all flooring installations. As a result, you receive personalized, stylish, defect-free flooring with reasonable pricing.

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Reliable garage flooring protection

The average garage floor in Ohio is exposed to significant pressure from foot and vehicle traffic from residents and guests. It is also vulnerable to hazards like extreme temperatures, humidity, and thaw cycles over the course of the year. As a result, the concrete begins to expand, shrink, crack, and degrade.

Concrete is also a naturally porous surface. So, the dirt, dust, stains, road salts, and chemicals it comes into contact with will absorb into the flooring.

With OGI, however, you receive Polyaspartic coatings that protect the underlying concrete from incoming wear and tear. OGI’s central goal is to provide Ohio home and business owners with the strongest flooring solutions possible. Therefore, we only utilize the highest quality materials and concrete resurfacing methods in the industry.

Our Polyaspartic coatings the perfect solution for protecting concrete flooring. We design our coatings with Polyaspartic polyurea, so the existing concrete surface has an ironclad defense against wear and tear. Dirt, dust, mold, mildew, road salt, and corrosive chemicals are no match for OGI flooring.

In addition, our Polyaspartic flooring is completely impermeable to water, dirt, dust, and stains. As a result, cleaning your floor is quicker, easier, and safer.

Concrete resurfacing process | Concrete floor restoration

Surface preparation and grinding the concrete

Preparation is the most important part of concrete resurfacing. Without proper prep, we cannot ensure our customers receive the best finished product. Our team of our garage flooring experts will analyze the current state of the flooring, recording relevant aspects like density and any present damages. As a result, we can accurately determine the ideal method for repairing the concrete and applying high-strength epoxy.

Here at OGI, we prep concrete surfaces with diamond grinding, which etches and sacrifices the floors with diamond segments. Thus, the concrete’s pores open and allow the Polyaspartic epoxy’s bonding agents to work their magic.

During our prep process, we also repair any cracking or spalling on your floor. We open up hairline cracks with the diamond grinder and fill them with polyurea concrete mix. Then, we grind any excess filler and smooth out the concrete prior to Polyaspartic epoxy installation.

Basecoat and decorative flake application

Our basecoat is made with a high-grade Polyaspartic primer layer. We will flood your flooring with this coat, squeegee it around the garage, and back roll the materials to even out the surface to prepare for flake application. Furthermore, we can apply these basecoat and decorative flakes to vertical surfaces in your garage.

These basecoat materials need to cure overnight, so they can properly form a bond with the underlying concrete for long term strength. Once the basecoat cures, we will remove any of the excess flakes and clear any debris laying on the floor’s surface.

Topcoat application

The last step of our concrete resurfacing process is applying the topcoat. Our topcoat consists of the highest quality Polyaspartic epoxy materials in the garage flooring industry. This epoxy contains Polyaspartic polyurea, so it offers unparalleled strength and adhesion properties.

Once we finish applying the clear topcoat, it will need a full 24 hours to cure before residents can walk on it. For vehicles, the epoxy will need 36 to 48 hours to settle.

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