Repair Chipped Concrete Garage Floor

If you need to repair chipped concrete garage floor in your home, contact Ohio Garage Interiors. As one of the leading garage flooring companies in Northeast Ohio, we have helped countless Ohio homeowners repair their garage floors. With reliable repair, restoration, replacement, and installation services, we can restore and improve your flooring. We also offer superior precision and competitive pricing, so you can give your flooring the repairs and protection it needs without overspending.

Schedule an in-home inspection with OGI so we can give you a free quote prior to service. You can also send in photos of your current flooring and any damaged areas in the existing concrete if it is more convenient. Our team of expert contractors will analyze your concrete flooring and determine the most effective process for repair. Rather than low-quality concrete sealers, concrete patches, and epoxy paints, we can install high-strength polyaspartic epoxy coatings to ensure maximum protection.

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What causes chipping and cracking?

Concrete is naturally rigid, so cracks and chips are bound to form at some point. In fact, Ohio’s uniquely harsh weather makes concrete flooring even more susceptible to cracking, chipping, and other forms of wear and tear. Over the course of the year, your flooring experiences, heat, humidity, thaw cycles, and road salt as well as traffic from residents, visitors, and vehicles. As a result, your flooring will gradually wear down over time without protection.

Control and contraction joints are also common causes of chips and cracks. The central purpose of these joints is to force cracks down a predetermined path, so they do not extend to the rest of the concrete slab. These joints can prevent extreme cracks from forming; however, they do increase the frequency at which smaller cracks form.

Issues like minor cracking are only surface-level issues, so they are quick and easy fixes. OGI contractors can repair these issues and install a top layer of polyaspartic epoxy to protect your flooring from further damage in the future.

Major cracks (1/4-inch or larger), however, need to be ground down and filled prior to performing resurfacing and polyaspartic epoxy installation. The typical crack repair process involves a hammer and cold chisel. Our contractors will also apply crack fillers and install polyaspartic epoxy to prevent more damages.

If you notice any cracking in your concrete flooring, it is best to repair it before it has a chance to get any worse. Contact OGI today to repair chipped concrete garage flooring with a reliable Ohio flooring company.

Minor and Major Settling

Minor settling requires only some self-leveling concrete to repair, so it is not too time-consuming or expensive. Major settling, however, can sometimes result in a complete flooring replacement. Always consult with a reputable contractor and receive quotes prior to scheduling a flooring replacement. OGI could potentially help you avoid a full replacement with our many garage floor repair services, so be sure to schedule on in-home inspection for a free quote!

Once you get quotes for repair and replacement services, compare the pricing. If repairs are roughly 3/4 of the cost of a replacement, it is typically best to just perform the replacement.

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The process to repair chipped concrete garage floor

Recommended materials to repair chipped concrete garage floor

There are many materials to choose from for garage flooring repair. However, polyurethane polyurea epoxy offers the most protection, strength, visual appeal, and overall value. We also mix crack filling compounds in our polyaspartic epoxy materials.

Once we apply polyaspartic epoxy, the materials will begin to harden and offer more durability than the underlying concrete. Our polyaspartic epoxy will also form a permanent bond with the concrete, creating a surface with impermeability to water, dirt, dust, and stains. As a result, you receive unparalleled protection for your garage flooring.

Steps for Repairing Cracks

Our team chases the crack with a cold chisel and hammer, breaking loose materials and edges. We then clean up any debris with a wire brush. Once we finish repairing the cracks, we sand and grind the floor until completely smooth. So, the polyaspartic epoxy application becomes much more effective.

OGI will work efficiently to repair, strengthen and defend the concrete, so your flooring looks better and lasts longer. If you are looking to repair chipped concrete garage flooring in Northeast Ohio, contact Ohio Garage Interiors today!

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