Concrete Restoration Services, The Makeover Your Garage Needs

Repairing Large Cracks in Concrete Garage FloorIs the concrete flooring in your garage starting to show signs of erosion? OGI is a leading concrete restoration and garage remodeling company, so we can repair your flooring and protect it from future damage. If you need concrete restoration services or help with other garage remodeling projects, schedule an in-home inspection for a free quote. You can also send in photos of your garage and flooring if it is more convenient. Our expert team of garage remodeling contractors can help you revitalize and reorganize your garage. We have many options for polyaspartic epoxy flooring, garage cabinets, organization systems and more, so you can create your ideal garage.

Ohio weather is especially harsh for concrete garage flooring. The hot and humid summers introduce hazards like moisture buildup, pests and hot tire pickup while winters bring road salt corrosion and freezing cold temperatures. Without proper protection, your flooring is vulnerable to all these forms of wear and tear. Here at OGI, however, we offer effective and affordable concrete restoration services. Furthermore, we can install our high-performance garage flooring polyaspartic epoxy for further protection against the elements.

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Concrete Restoration & Garage Flooring Epoxy

The OGI team consists of many seasoned garage remodeling experts, so we can easily restore your concrete flooring. From mold and mildew to road salt corrosion, we can repair the damages and install our high-strength garage flooring polyaspartic epoxy. Our polyaspartic epoxy contains a hybrid-polymer, which offers four times more strength than standard epoxy materials. It also permanently bonds to the existing concrete for ultimate protection against the many potential hazards in an Ohio garage.

OGI Polyaspartic Epoxy Flooring Key Features

  • High Quality
  • Strong & Flexible
  • UV Resistant
  • Non-Toxic
  • Slip-Resistant
  • Stain-Resistant
  • Low Maintenance
  • Non-Porous

Advantages of OGI Epoxy Flooring

  • Easier to Clean: The impermeable, non-slip surface makes cleaning any mess quick and easy. Dirt and stains cannot penetrate the epoxy, so all you need is a simple mopping or vacuuming to clean up almost any spill.
  • Unmatched Durability: OGI polyaspartic epoxy offers superior strength to protect against various forms of wear and tear. Our flooring can resist the pressures of high-traffic industrial environments, so protecting your garage flooring is a breeze.
  • Customization Options: We want your flooring to speak to your stylistic tastes, so we offer many solid color options and a custom decorative flake system.
  • Free Quotes: Contact us to setup an in-home inspection and get a quote free of charge.
  • A Locally Owned and Operated Company: We take pride in our work as a completely locally owned and operated garage remodeling company. Thus, we will never use subcontractors to complete projects. You will always receive high quality craftsmanship from genuine contractors from Ohio Garage Interiors.
  • Ten-Year Warranty Against Peeling and Delamination!

Do You Need Professional Concrete Restoration?

Although OGI services can bring immense value to your garage, you might still be wondering why you even need a professional contractor. There are countless options for DIY remodeling projects, so why don’t you just repair the flooring yourself? DIY projects have become incredibly popular because people are always looking for ways to reduce costs. Cutting out the middleman seems like an effective way to save money. However, DIY projects use inferior materials for concrete restoration and polyaspartic epoxy flooring installation. This means your flooring will begin to peel sooner and far more often. As a result, you lose time and money to the intense maintenance requirements of standard epoxy. 

When you hire a professional concrete restoration company, you receive more overall value without the hidden costs. OGI can repair your concrete flooring and give your garage the makeover it needs. Once we repair your flooring, we can install our polyaspartic epoxy floor coating system. We design our polyaspartic epoxy flooring to provide enough strength to withstand extreme conditions in industrial facilities, so it can easily protect your garage flooring. The OGI team also offers the value of immense experience and knowledge in the garage interior design industry. As a result, you receive flooring with superior strength as well as reliable customer service.

If you are looking for concrete restoration or other garage remodeling services, contact Ohio Garage Interiors today!

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