What is a Polyaspartic Garage Floor? What are the Advantages?

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If you have been planning to transform your garage, then a polyaspartic floor coating could be the solution for you. Whether you have a vision of the perfect home bar or just want a subtle upgrade, you need a floor that can stand up to activity. 

A polyaspartic garage floor coating offers a durable surface and forms from the chemical reaction between aliphatic polyisocyanate and a polyaspartic ester. The two come together to form aliphatic polyurea, which provides an easily customizable floor coating. Homeowners can make floors their own through custom colors, decorative chips, and additives that form non-slip surfaces. 

When customers choose polyaspartic floors, they can benefit from rapid curing times. Significantly, polyaspartic coatings are often ready for use in less than one day, while epoxy floors can take up to three days to fully cure. In fact, a polyaspartic floor can reach its full strength in an hour or less following installation.  

These floors are also notable for their durability. For example, the coatings stand up to UV radiation, both mechanical and chemical wear, stains, scratches and high levels of traffic. They also offer significantly more flexibility than epoxy garage floor coatings. 

Polyaspartic coatings are ideal for environmentally conscious homeowners and families dealing with allergies or asthma. The solutions emit significantly low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and resist both mold and mildew.

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How to Clean Polyaspartic Floors

A polyaspartic garage floor coating is a major investment, without a doubt. However, the undertaking is meaningless without consistent maintenance. Have you been wondering how to clean polyaspartic floors? When you commit to addressing messes as they happen, you can keep your garage floor looking great. 

Many polyaspartic garage floor coatings have slip-resistant properties, and it is crucial to refrain from using surface waxes that will undermine these properties. Homeowners should also consider the pH compatibility of a floor and a specific cleaner, as an imbalance can cause corrosion of the floor. Mixing cleaners can also corrode a polyaspartic surface along with posing serious health risks. 

Before using any cleaning product across the full surface of your floor, it is critical to spot test the cleaner on a small area of the floor. This will show the product if the product will or will not leave a film. 

It is also important to clean high traffic areas of the floor with a dust mop once each day. This will prevent both damage to the floor and the tracking of unsightly debris.

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