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Are you starting to notice issues with your garage flooring? Contact Ohio Garage Interiors, one of Northeast Ohio’s leading garage floor resurfacing and repair companies. We offer affordable and effective concrete garage floor repair services as well as various concrete resurfacing options.

We also offer garage flooring polyaspartic epoxy installation to protect your flooring from further damage. OGI provides quality and precision in an affordable package, so you get the most value for your money.

Setup an in-home inspection with OGI and receive a free quote prior to service. You can also send in photos of your flooring if you do not have time for an in-home quote. Our team of garage floor resurfacers will inspect your flooring, so we can determine the best process to restore and enhance your concrete garage flooring.

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Common garage floor issues

Issues with your garage flooring can appear in many different ways. Here are a few common issues to look out for:

Cracking and Pitting

Damaged Concrete Flooring needing garage floor resurfacerCracking and pitting are the most common issues that appear on a garage floor’s concrete surface. However, if the cracks and pits are minor, repairing them is relatively simple. OGI can repair these issues quickly and protect your garage flooring from future damages.

Concrete is an incredibly rigid material, so it will eventually crack regardless of how often you use your garage. It also expands and shrinks with the temperature and humidity in your garage. This is a central cause of cracking.

Contraction joints are another typical cause. These joints guide the cracks down a specific track, so the cracks will not extend to the entire concrete slab. However, these joints can also cause cracking to happen more frequently.

Any cracks larger than 1/4-inch need to be ground and filled prior to resurfacing. This can be performed with a masonry wheel or a chisel and hammer. OGI flooring experts will apply the concrete filler and resurface your flooring with a high-strength polyaspartic epoxy coating.

Once you notice cracking, it is best to treat the issue before it gets worse. Ohio Garage Interiors is capable of effectively repairing the cracks and pitting in your garage flooring and provide protection from future damage.


Fixing minor settling simply requires the application of self-leveling concrete to the settled areas. This is an easy task for OGI contractors, so we can repair your flooring with a quick turnaround. 

In the case of major settling, a full flooring replacement may be necessary. However, you should always consult with a reputable contractor before committing to a serious procedure. OGI has options that can help you avoid the costs of a full replacement, so don’t be afraid to schedule an in-home inspection for a free quote.

Once you have a quote for both repair and replacement services, compare the pricing. If the repair pricing is close to the full replacement pricing, you will get more value out of a replacement.

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Do you need to replace your garage flooring?

Most homeowners would rather repair wear and tear and avoid a full flooring replacement. However, if your flooring is seriously damaged, it may not be worth the trouble to repair it. One major issue to look out for is a shifted or dropped concrete slab.

Degradation and shifting of a slab could be the result of various issues:

  • Preparation was incomplete or inaccurate during the initial installation
  • Low-quality concrete mix resulting in quicker corrosion
  • Water damage from improper drainage systems or other forms of moisture buildup
  • Recurring freezing and thawing throughout the winter
  • Shifting as a result of soil shifting
  • Road salt tracked in on boots and car tires eroding the concrete

If your flooring is experiencing any of these issues, you will likely need a full flooring replacement. Contact Ohio Garage Interiors for a free in-home inspection and quote prior to paying for the treatment.

Garage floor resurfacing and replacement process:

  • Clear out your garage prior to service. Find storage and parking for your belongings and vehicles
  • Remove the current concrete flooring
  • Dig to reach solid ground
  • Apply geotextile membrane
  • Install drainage system
  • Fill the excavated area with gravel
  • Compact the gravel
  • Install a vapor barrier to protect from moisture buildup
  • Install wire mesh to reinforce the flooring
  • Pour the new concrete
  • Allow concrete time to cure
  • Applypolyaspartic  epoxy coating to the garage floor surface
  • Once the polyaspartic epoxy has cured, you can begin using your new garage flooring

If you are in need of a full garage flooring replacement or garage floor resurfacing in Northeast Ohio, contact Ohio Garage Interiors today.

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