Garage Floor Repair | Garage Floor Crack Repair

Garage Floor Repair | Garage Floor Crack Repair

If you have noticed cracking or degradation garage flooring, contact Ohio Garage Interiors. OGI is one of the leading garage floor repair and installation companies in Northeast Ohio. We offer effective affordable garage floor crack repair and resurfacing as well as garage floor polyaspartic epoxy installation. We offer quality, precision and competitive pricing, so we can ensure our customers receive the most value from our services.

Schedule an in-home inspection with OGI and receive a quote free of charge before service. You can also email pictures of your flooring to us if that is more convenient. Our team of garage floor repair professionals will analyze the condition of your flooring, so we can accurately discern which process will work best for repairing cracks and other damages.

Ohio weather is particularly harsh on garage flooring, so cracking, erosion and other damages occur often. Your flooring encounters heat, humidity, hot car tires, road salt, ice and many other hazards throughout the year. As a result, unprotected flooring is guaranteed to wear down over time. With OGI, however, you can restore your concrete flooring and install polyaspartic epoxy coatings to for long term protection.

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Garage Floor Repair Process

Concrete is markedly rigid material, so it destined to crack eventually. It also tends to expand and shrink over time with the temperature and humidity. This is typically the central cause of garage floor cracking. Contraction joints are another common cause. However, these joints are designed to guide the cracks on a specific track. As a result, the cracks will not spread to the entire slab. 

Once these cracks appear, it is best to treat them before they get any worse. Ohio Garage Interiors has the tools and capabilities to effectively repair the cracks in your garage flooring and protect it from future damage.

Recommended Materials for Garage Floor Repair

There are various options for repairing cracks in garage flooring. However, the most effective materials are polyurethane, polyurea and polyaspartic epoxy, an OGI specialty. Our polyaspartic epoxy contains a crack filling compound as well. After application, the materials will harden, becoming significantly stronger than the underlying concrete. This also creates an impermeable surface to prevent water and other materials from breaking through. Additionally, it is crucial to avoid water and latex based crack fillers, as they cannot be painted and eventually shrink.

Crack Repair Steps

First and foremost, we will chase the crack, which involves using a hammer and cold chisel to break loose edges or material within the crack. We then place the chisel in the crack and hit it with the hammer to break off the materials. The second step of crack repair is to clean out any debris and scrub the cracks with a wire brush. Our team of garage floor repair will work quickly and precisely to complete the repair before the materials begin to settle, while keeping an eye out for low spots. 

Once we finish the repair, we will grind and sand the flooring until smooth. This will make applying polyaspartic epoxy coating to your flooring simpler and more effective. OGI polyaspartic epoxy will not only make your flooring look stylish, but it will also hide the repairs and protect from future cracking and other hazards.

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Avoid Stone and Epoxy Flooring

We also recommend that homeowners avoid installing stone and epoxy flooring. Although stone and epoxy is advertised as a cost-effective alternative to other forms of flooring, it carries various costly disadvantages. Many homeowners choose to install stone and epoxy because they believe the overall cost is lower. However, stone and epoxy requires near constant cleaning and maintenance. There are many misleading ads for stone and epoxy flooring describing it as durable and low-maintenance. Some companies even offer prices as low as 99 cents per square foot. Unfortunately, this pricing is misleading. stone and epoxy flooring’s hidden cost will cost you far more than epoxy coatings in the long term:

  • Preparation and installation add substantial costs to the square footage.
  • The texture of stone and epoxy results in higher maintenance costs.
  • Many garage flooring and home improvement companies threaten customers with loss of warranty if they do not pay for costly, professional cleaning every year.
  • Mold and mildew buildup is common with stone and epoxy, further increasing repair needs.
  • Ohio’s inclement weather increases probability of damages and maintenance.
  • Cleaning is difficult and time-consuming.

Here at Ohio Garage Interiors, we offer exceptional garage flooring solutions with our polyaspartic epoxy-based flooring installation services. Epoxy concrete sealers offer unmatched durability and functionality along with a unique and pleasing aesthetic, so you always get the most value for your money. Furthermore, customers can choose from a wide variety of customization options to install the perfect flooring to suit their personal tastes. If you are looking for garage floor repair or installation services in Northeast Ohio, contact Ohio Garage Interiors today.

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