Concrete Restoration Contractors

Concrete Restoration Contractors

Are you looking for concrete restoration contractors in Northeast Ohio? Ohio Garage Interiors stands among the best concrete restoration contractors in Ohio. We offer affordable and effective products and services to make your garage floor good as new. We can give you a free quote with an on-site inspection. You can also send in pictures of your flooring if it is more convenient. Once we see your flooring, we can determine the best way to repair your garage flooring. Furthermore, with our durable polyaspartic epoxy coatings, we can protect your flooring from future damage. Ohio weather is especially harsh on garage flooring, so you need the best polyaspartic epoxy available to prevent any more expensive repairs.


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Garage Flooring Polyaspartic Epoxy | Concrete Restoration Contractors

Ohio Garage Interiors is the best for garage flooring solutions. We stand among the top garage remodeling and concrete restoration contractors. Our expert team will repair any damages caused by road salt or other forms of erosion. Upon completing repairs, we can install our garage flooring polyaspartic epoxy to give your flooring a beautiful finish. Our polyaspartic epoxy offers 4 times more strength than standard epoxy with a strong hybrid polymer. Our polyaspartic epoxy also permanently bonds to concrete, ensuring complete protection from moisture, flooding, dirt, and more!

Cleaning is another reason to choose OGI polyaspartic epoxy. Once installation is complete, your garage floor’s surface becomes entirely non-permeable and non-porous. As a result, any stains, spills or debris will never penetrate the surface of the flooring. A quick vacuuming and mopping will clean your floor in no time. Furthermore, if your flooring experiences any peeling, we offer a 20-year warranty to ensure you get the most for your money.

Why Choose Ohio Garage Interiors?

Ohio Garage Interiors can help you transform your garage into an incredible extension of your home. With our affordable, effective services and expert staff, you can rest assured that your project will surpass all expectations. Furthermore, we only use the best quality products. Our hybrid polymer epoxy flooring offers unmatched durability, functionality, and aesthetic. The following lists a few reasons why OGI is the ideal choice for garage flooring and concrete restoration and garage flooring polyaspartic epoxy:

  • Easy to Clean: The textured, non-porous finish of our polyaspartic epoxy coatings prevent slipping and moisture buildup. Also, dirt cannot penetrate the surface, so cleaning is a breeze. A simple vacuuming and mopping will do the trick.
  • Withstanding Ohio Weather: Ohio weather is incredibly harsh on garage flooring. Humid, hot summers and winters that bring about road salt are potentially harmful to a floor without protection. Standard epoxy just isn’t enough. However, OGI garage floor polyaspartic epoxy coatings protect against peeling, moisture buildup, road salt corrosion, and more. Our floors also offer up to 15-year lifespans.
  • Honest Pricing: We value honesty in our pricing and customer service, so we refuse to use bait-and-switch pricing like other companies in the industry. You always know what you are paying before your project begins. We will send one of our garage design professionals to your home to give you a quote free of charge.
  • No Subcontractors: Ohio Garage Interiors is locally owned and operated. We never use subcontractors to finish our projects, so you always know who will be working on your home.

If you are looking for concrete restoration contractors or other garage remodeling services in Northeast Ohio, contact Ohio Garage Interiors Today!

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