Epoxy Flooring as an Alternative to Concrete Polishing Restoration | Garage Floor Repair

Looking for concrete polishing and restoration services in Northeast Ohio? Ohio Garage Interiors is a leading provider of garage floor repair and epoxy flooring installation services that will make your concrete floors shine. Our polished concrete systems are the best flooring option for Ohio garages. We also offer competitive pricing for those looking for budget-friendly solutions.

The typical garage floor experiences intense traffic from residents and cars as well as extreme temperatures, humidity, and thaw cycles from Ohio’s weather. Bare concrete is also vulnerable to dirt, dust, fuels, oils, road salts, chemicals, and many other hazards. As a result, the concrete will expand, shrink, crack, and degrade.

With a polished concrete floor from OGI, however, you can protect the concrete from virtually any incoming wear and tear. With a price per foot cost of $3 for residential locations, Ohio homeowners have an effective and affordable option for concrete polishing and restoration.

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OGI concrete polishing and restoration process

Prepping and grinding the concrete

Prepping the concrete involves inspecting the current state of the flooring, including density, damages, and other relevant characteristics. We can then determine the best method for restoring and polishing your flooring. Our process also involves diamond grinding for scarifying and etching the floor. As a result, the concrete’s pores open, allowing the epoxy to more effectively bond to the surface.

Additionally, we will repair any cracking, spalling, or other issues prior to continuing the polishing and restoration process.

Basecoat and decorative flake application

We will flood the flooring with a high-grade polyaspartic epoxy primer layer and squeegee it around the room. We then smooth out the materials and begin adding decorative flakes. OGI contractors can also apply these materials to vertical surfaces.

These materials require an overnight curing process, so we can ensure a stronger bond and an excellent finished product for your garage.

Topcoat application

The final step of our concrete polishing and restoration process is applying the topcoat. This topcoat contains the most advanced polyaspartic epoxy products on the market. The polyaspartic polyurea offers superior adhesion and durability characteristics, so you receive the strongest flooring possible.

Why choose OGI flooring? | Concrete polishing and restoration

OGI’s polyaspartic epoxy flooring is the most effective solution for protecting your flooring from further damage. Our flooring offers many advantages for Ohio homeowners:

  • Reduced maintenance and easier cleaning: The impermeable surface prevents dirt, dust, and stains from settling, so you can clean any mess easily with a quick mopping or vacuuming.
  • Durability and Longevity: OGI flooring offers protection against mold, mildew, flooding, abrasions, corrosive chemicals, road salt, and many other hazards, so your flooring lasts for years after installation.
  • Customization: OGI customers also get the opportunity to personalize their new flooring. Choose from a variety of solid color and metallic floor finishes or customize your own decorative flake system. We also offer stone garage flooring styles and pebblestone polyaspartic epoxy systems.
  • On-site Inspection & Free Quotes: Request a quote by scheduling an in-home inspection or sending in photos of your garage flooring. All quotes come free of charge!
  • Precision Installation: Many customers are rightfully concerned about the time to complete a project. Other flooring companies offer one-day installations for extra convenience. However, this convenience comes with higher costs and many consequences. One-day installations often result in various defects. OGI performs two-day installations to ensure materials cure properly, and you receive the highest quality flooring possible.
  • Ten-Year Warranty Against Peeling and Delamination!

If you need concrete polishing and restoration services in Northeast Ohio, don’t hesitate to contact Ohio Garage Interiors!

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