Industrial Polyaspartic Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

If your flooring currently consists of only bare concrete, consider installing an industrial polyaspartic epoxy garage floor coating from Ohio Garage Interiors. We offer flooring installation services for Ohio homes as well as commercial and industrial facilities. OGI stone resin flooring is one of the strongest flooring products available, so it can protect against various forms of wear and tear.

Unprotected concrete is vulnerable to the formation of cracks and other defects. These cracks will inevitably grow and create tripping hazards. They also enable dust buildup and the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. For industrial facilities, porous concrete will absorb any pollutants such as corrosive chemicals.

As a result, the contaminated flooring will introduce even more potential hazards to employees and other visitors. Furthermore, you will have to spend valuable funds on performing expensive repairs. 

If larger, deeper cracks form, the issues become increasingly troublesome. Concrete with deep cracks is likely to spall or break, especially if your facility has forklifts and other vehicles traveling over the surface.

With Ohio Garage Interiors, however, you can install an industrial polyaspartic epoxy floor coating that protects the underlying concrete. Our experience with industrial concrete floors allows us to install polyaspartic epoxy systems quickly without sacrificing quality. Industrial grade polyaspartic epoxy can also protect from various potential hazards:

  • Foot Traffic
  • Forklift Traffic
  • Impacts and Abrasions
  • Corrosive Chemicals
  • Industrial Equipment

OGI polyaspartic epoxy floor coating systems are the best solution for protecting residential, commercial, and industrial concrete flooring. If you are looking for industrial polyaspartic epoxy garage floor coating installation or resin flooring near me, contact OGI today.

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The best way to protect your flooring | Industrial polyaspartic epoxy garage floor coating

Our high-performance epoxy contains polyaspartic polyurea. As a result, it creates an impenetrable surface to protect your flooring from nearly any incoming damage. Once applied, our garage floor coatings form a permanent bond with the existing concrete.

This gives you flooring exceptional chemical resistance as well as an ironclad defense against mold, mildew, flooding, road salt and various other forms of damage. Furthermore, polyaspartic epoxy provides impermeability to water, dirt, dust and other debris, making it much easier to maintain.

OGI also applies decorative flakes to your flooring to add a stylish aesthetic while minimizing dust visibility. In fact, OGI customers get to customize their own decorative flake system. With OGI’s polyaspartic epoxy coating systems, you can install visually stunning flooring that will last for many years.

The dangers of DIY

Many home and business owners default to DIY flooring to save money on installation services. This has become an increasingly popular option because it offers the ability to cut out the middleman and reduce initial material costs. However, DIY flooring is not the money saver people believe it to be.

DIY flooring introduces a wide variety of potential issues. The involved materials are much weaker than what you would receive from a flooring installation contractor, so your flooring will wear more quickly. As a result, you will have to perform repetitive repairs just to maintain your garage flooring. If you hire a professional flooring company, however, you can avoid these repairs and install high-strength flooring.

Choosing Ohio Garage Interiors means you receive flooring that will resist degradation. Although professional installation seems more costly, it offers far more value than DIY flooring methods. In fact, your floor will be durable enough to endure intense abrasions, road salt, and many other environmental hazards. You also receive the advantages of working with expert floor contractors with extensive knowledge of flooring materials and installation methods.

OGI polyaspartic epoxy provides your flooring with the ultimate defense, so you can prevent unnecessary maintenance and save more money in the long run.

Why choose OGI’s industrial polyaspartic epoxy garage floor coating?

OGI industrial floor coatings offer a variety of advantages:

Quick and Easy Cleaning: 

The impermeable surface of our flooring not only provides unparalleled protection, but it also keeps dust, dirt and stains from settling into the floor. As a result, cleaning is a quick and easy process. Nearly any mess can be cleaned with quick vacuuming or mopping.

Durability and Longevity: 

OGI polyaspartic epoxy protects your flooring from mold, mildew, flooding, corrosive chemicals, abrasions, road salt, and more, so your flooring looks better and lasts longer without excessive repairs and maintenance.


OGI customers also get the opportunity to personalize their flooring. You can select from a wide variety of solid color and metallic finishes, or you can make your own custom decorative flake system. You can choose from many colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns of flakes to create flooring that suits your tastes.

Precision Installation:

Many other flooring companies advertise quick, one-day installation services. However, these services are unnecessary and can result in various defects. As a result, you will have to spend extra money on repairing your floor after the installation.

With OGI, you receive far more precision with a two-day installation process. This allows the materials to properly cure and bond to the concrete. Rather than rushing your installation, OGI takes the time to ensure you receive defect-free flooring. We also provide a Ten-Year Warranty Against Peeling and Delamination!

On-site Inspection & Free Quotes: 

Setup an in-home inspection or send us photos of your garage flooring, and we can give a free quote!

Local Contractors: 

OGI is proud to be an entirely locally owned and operated Northeast Ohio flooring company, so we never hire subcontractors to finish projects. All OGI customers receive service from genuine OGI contractors with unmatched experience in repair, maintenance, and installation of garage flooring.

If you are looking to install new garage flooring in Northeast Ohio, consider Ohio Garage Interiors. Our precision installation services and high-quality industrial polyaspartic epoxy garage floor coating materials can give you the best flooring for your garage. We also install floor all year round, so do not hesitate to schedule an in-home inspection and get a free quote!

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