A garage with the door open showing off the new epoxy flooringIf the time has come for you to renovate your garage floor, OGI is the best company you can turn to. Not only are we family-owned, locally operated, and highly trusted, but we also can offer a flooring solution that not many other contractors offer. A polyaspartic epoxy garage floor is impervious to stains, dirt, moisture build-up, cracks caused by weather changes, and more. Unlike stone and epoxy flooring and other flooring solutions, our polyaspartic flooring will not degrade in appearance due to food and beverage spills, road salt, or moisture, and it will not fade in direct sunlight.

Garage Floor Epoxy Colors

If you are worried polyaspartic flooring sounds dull compared to stone and epoxy, don’t worry, OGI offers a wide variety of garage floor epoxy colors.

OGI Options for Garage Floor Finishes

Polyaspartic Floors Versus Other Popular Garage Flooring Solutions

OGI polyaspartic epoxy garage floors are not preferable simply because of the many epoxy floor colors available, although the ability to choose the exact color and style you want is a significant advantage. As was mentioned above, our polyaspartic coating is much more durable than other flooring options. In fact, we guarantee our flooring for a minimum of twenty years. Whether you opt for a DIY project, concrete flooring, or another epoxy installer, that kind of guarantee simply cannot be made.

OGI Versus DIY

It seems these days that no matter what trade or profession you are in, there are always people who feel like they can do the same job by watching some YouTube videos and buying specific products from their DIY retailer. Inevitably, people realize there is a reason why there are professionals. Trying to DIY your own garage floors is an expensive undertaking, and if you do not do everything correctly, you could easily end up in a worse situation than when you started. One of the most common issues homeowners run into is they do not properly prep the floor space before starting their work. Colored epoxy resin alone can be an investment at a retail store, and the application process will not result in the same kind of beautiful finish our decorative blend flakes create.

OGI Versus Concrete Flooring

The biggest obstacle with concrete flooring is that it does not take much to cause it to crack. Concrete is especially susceptible to cracking when there are constant changes in the weather, and if you live in Northeast Ohio for more than a couple of days, you know the weather changes all the time. Cracks in concrete flooring are repairable at first, but eventually the money invested in fixing those cracks could be used to just simply buy new flooring.

OGI Versus Stone and Epoxy Flooring

Many people love the look of stone and epoxy flooring. However, one of the features that makes this flooring option attractive also represents its downfall. This type of flooring solution is quite porous, meaning when a beverage is spilled on it, or when moisture from the weather gets on the flooring, those fluids travel deep into the spaces between the little stones. Cleaning in those spaces is extremely difficult, and, in fact, many stone and epoxy customers report they were not able to get their warranty unless they agreed to let the contractor come back once a year to do a special cleaning. Without that thorough cleaning, the spilled beverage or the rainwater will simply stay where it has landed, eventually creating unsightly and smelly mildew.


We can give you a lot of reasons to partner with us for your garage floor renovation or replacement project. Most contractors have pretty good reasons for why they think you should do business with them. Here is what we can tell you about working with us.

  • Our consultations are free. We visit your home, take a look at the space, and make note of any obstacles that could get in the way of our work.
  • Our quotes are 100% transparent. Based on that initial site evaluation, we will factor everything into our quote, even if that means our initial pricing is higher than some of our competitors. We are also transparent about the time we feel it will take us to get the job done right. Next to making sure you are happy with your garage flooring, our second priority is to never surprise our customers with time delays or extra charges.
  • We are family-owned, locally owned, and locally operated. When we visit your home, we act as if we were visiting a neighbor. That’s because, in essence, we are.
  • There is no fine print about maintaining your garage floor when you hire OGI for your garage floor install. The epoxy colors you chose will look as good twenty years from now as they do right after the installation, and all it takes is some soapy water and a mop. There are no kits and no contractual obligations.

It’s About More Than the Surface

garage floor epoxy colorsMost people are excited about getting a new garage floor because they want to get rid of their unsightly flooring and see beautiful epoxy garage floor colors in its place. A garage flooring installation experience is more than just how the surface ends up looking, however. At OGI, we work hard to make sure the entire experience of working with us is not just easy, but pleasant. We understand that it can be a major inconvenience to have your garage out of commission, so we work efficiently, but we also work to get it done perfectly the first time. We communicate with the homeowner constantly and clearly, and the homeowner is always up-to-date on the status of their project.

Whether you are looking to convert your garage into something else and want polyaspartic epoxy flooring to complete that vision, or whether you simply want to refurbish the look of your tired garage, contact us today for a free consultation. Imagine being able to have garage sales, movie nights, or tailgate parties without feeling ashamed of the floor everyone is walking on. We want to make everyone in Northeast Ohio proud of their garages. How about if you are next?