Full-Service Commercial Polyaspartic Epoxy Flooring Installers

Not only do we have the best team of commercial polyaspartic epoxy flooring installers in Northeast, Ohio, but we also employ the highest quality of commercial epoxy materials.

Does your pre-existing concrete flooring have stains, dirt build-up, chips, cracks, water damage or even mold or mildew issues?

Our team of polyaspartic epoxy flooring experts can transform your floor into a seamless, clean, shiny-high-gloss. With an impact-resistant and slip-resistant polyaspartic epoxy coating system. Our industrial floors create a warm welcoming lasting impression.

All of our commercial polyaspartic epoxy flooring installers are committed to providing high-quality polyaspartic epoxy flooring. We have chosen to partner with world-leading brands that meet a higher standard of commercial flooring materials.

High-quality materials designed to withstand the most demanding conditions of its industries environment. This is why we have chosen to partner with Sikafloor®. With OGI’s proprietary commercial polyaspartic epoxy flooring installers and Sika coatings, we are fully confident in serving even the most demanding commercial and industrial needs.

Ways to Get Your Commerical Flooring Project Started

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Commercial Polyaspartic Epoxy Floor Installers, Creating Beautiful Floors For Less

Call today for an on-site detailed proposal. One of our highly trained estimators will bring samples to your facility. Providing a visual viewing of the diverse options we offer. Here are some suggestions of what coatings best suit what industries: 

  • Sikafloor® Morritex® Broadcast – Ideal for light manufacturing facilities, animal housing, locker rooms, laundry facilities, and interior, slip-resistant flooring. 
  • Sikafloor® Morritex® Self-Leveling Slurry Broadcast –  Ideal for light to heavy-duty manufacturing facilities, animal housing, auto maintenance, recreational facilities, garbage rooms, printing shops, and traffic aisles. 
  • Sikafloor® Morritex® Hanger – Designed for aircraft maintenance facilities and aircraft hangars.
  • Sikafloor® Quartzite® Broadcast System – Ideal for grocery stores, food packing areas, commercial kitchens. As well as, factories, pharmaceutical offices, and hospitals and labs.
  • Sikafloor® Quartzite® – Designed for food preparation areas, pharmaceutical plants, laboratories, locker rooms, arenas, and correctional facilities.
  • Sikafloor® Metallic FX – These beautiful results are great for lobbies, retail areas, museums, hotels, and educational facilities. 
  • PurCem® – Polyurethane Cement –Designed food processing plants, wet/dry processing areas, freezers/coolers, thermal shock areas, chemical process plants, and warehouse/storage areas.

High-Performance Polyaspartic Epoxy Protecting your Industrial Floor System

Our high-performance epoxy contains polyaspartic polyurea. Creating an impenetrable surface to protect your flooring from nearly any incoming damage. Once applied, our polyaspartic epoxy floor coatings form a permanent bond with the existing concrete.

This gives your flooring an exceptional chemical resistance with an ironclad defense against mold, mildew, flooding, road salt and various other forms of damage. Our polyaspartic epoxy provides impermeability to water, dirt, dust and other debris, making it easy to clean and easy to maintain.

The ability to withstand the toughest environmental requirements of its surroundings such as:

  • Chemicals 
  • Stains
  • Extreme heat temperatures
  • Freezing temperatures
  • Impacts
  • Abrasions
  • Strong enough to drive on

Stylish, Decorative Flakes for High Traffic Commercial Flooring

Our commercial polyaspartic epoxy floor installers can also apply decorative flakes to your flooring to add a stylish aesthetic while minimizing dust visibility. Get a customized decorative flake system, unique to your business. We have a vast amount of finish and color options that can include accents and textures. Including the ability to customize to incorporate logo colors and styles.

A Team of Experts to Help You Through Every Step

Our team of commercial flooring experts will assist you through every step of the process, from design to installation. We value our customers, so we always deliver high-quality products and services from beginning to end.

Our goal is to provide flawlessly executed flooring solutions from estimate to selection to installation. When you choose OGI, you receive efficiency, professionalism, and precision as well as a cost-effective installation.

  • Free Consultation – With an on-site estimate, we inspect the area, determine flooring requirements and gather the needed measurements. During this time we will gladly answer any questions and concerns. OGI provides the most affordable commercial flooring solutions in the Northeast Ohio area. We stand by our no bait and switch pricing policy, so you know upfront what the cost of the project will be before the installation begins. 
  • Planning – We have an eye for the details and will assist you with selecting the best product for your floor along with color options and designs. Once this step is completed, we work around your availability and schedule the install.  
  • High-Quality Standards- OGI is a family and locally owned operation. We take pride in our contractors’ abilities and we are confident you will too. We work as a team and we do not hire subcontractors to complete installs. With OGI you will always get the best craftsmanship and customer service.  

Our epoxy delivers a wall to wall seamless waterproof seal, creating a germ, mold, and mildew free flooring. No matter what type of abuse your business can put out these floors can take it. Call today to see how our full-service commercial polyaspartic epoxy flooring installers can help you. 

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