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If the current flooring in your commercial facility consists of only bare concrete, consider commercial flooring installation from Ohio Garage Interiors. Leaving your concrete unprotected will inevitably result in the formation of cracks. These cracks will grow and present tripping hazards for both customers and employees. Concrete is also an inherently porous material, presenting a myriad of other issues. Smaller cracks in the bare concrete is susceptible to bacteria growth, mold, mildew and dust buildup. It will also absorb pollutants present in the facility. Contaminated flooring introduces many hazards to employees as well as a slew of costly repairs. If there are even deeper cracks in the flooring, potential issues become increasingly problematic. Concrete with deep cracking is vulnerable to spalling or breaking, particularly if your facility has forklifts and other vehicles traveling through it consistently.

With the help of Ohio Garage Interiors, you can install high-strength commercial flooring and protect the underlying concrete. Our experience in commercial flooring installation allows us to offer far more precision than our competitors as well as the implementation of higher quality materials. Furthermore, we offer competitive pricing to fit within your budget.

Ohio Garage Interiors has combined our own commercial flooring installation experience with high-performance Sikafloor® laminates. As a result, we can install commercial flooring capable of handling extreme industrial environments. OGI and Sika install flooring that can protect from the following hazards:

  • Foot Traffic
  • Forklift Traffic
  • Impacts and Abrasions
  • Corrosive Chemicals
  • Industrial Equipment

With Ohio Garage Interiors and Sikafloor® laminates, you receive flooring that not only offers superior durability but also an aesthetic that suits your business.

Ways to Get Your Commerical Flooring Project Started

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Do You Need Commercial Flooring Installation?

What are the benefits of hiring commercial flooring installation contractors? This is a question that passes through the minds of many of our customers at some point prior to seeking out service. Researching commercial flooring yields a virtually endless collection of results. Furthermore, many of these results are DIY flooring options and tutorials. Ohio Garage Interiors offers effective flooring installation services with competitive pricing. However, you are likely still wondering whether hiring contractors is necessary. If DIY options are readily available, why spend money hiring professional flooring contractors?

The Dangers of DIY

DIY has progressively become a more popular flooring installation option among homeowners and business owners alike. It is often the case that people choose DIY to cut out the middleman and reduce material costs. However, DIY does not save as much money as people believe, as it introduces a litany of costly issues. DIY materials are usually far weaker than what you would receive from a professional contractor, which causes the flooring to degrade far more quickly. As a result, you have to perform various costly repairs just to maintain presentable flooring. These are repairs you could avoid simply by acquiring service from professional flooring installers.

Working with a professional flooring company like Ohio Garage Interiors means you receive flooring that resists peeling and degradation and protects from many hazards. Professional installation seems more costly at first; however, you receive far greater value, durability and longevity for your money. Furthermore, you receive the benefits of the expertise of seasoned flooring contractors with comprehensive knowledge surrounding flooring materials and installation techniques. 

In addition to superior service, OGI commercial flooring permanently bonds to the underlying concrete, forming the ultimate defense against potential hazards. You also save more money by preventing the repairs and maintenance you would encounter with DIY flooring.

Advantages of OGI Commercial Flooring Installation

  • Low Maintenance Requirements: In comparison to DIY flooring, OGI floors require much less maintenance. The impermeable, non-slip surface of our epoxy keeps dirt and stains from settling into the flooring. It also makes cleaning much safer. Messes are no longer a hassle with OGI flooring. A simple mopping or vacuuming can handle almost any mess without the risk of slipping.
  • Durability and Longevity: Our commercial flooring protects against a variety of hazards including mold, mildew, flooding, road salt, impacts, abrasions, chemicals, foot traffic and more! As a result, your floor looks better and lasts longer, minimizing the need for repairs and maintenance.
  • Customization: With OGI, you have the chance to get creative with your new flooring! We offer dozens of solid color options as well as a customizable decorative flake system with many flake shapes, sizes, colors and patterns.
  • On-site Inspection & Free Quotes: Schedule an on-site inspection with us, and we can begin planning the installation of your flooring and provide you with a quote free of charge.
  • Local Contractors: Ohio Garage Interiors takes pride in being a locally owned and operated flooring company. Thus, we refuse to hire subcontractors to finish our projects. You will always receive flooring installation services from reputable OGI contractors, so you get the best craftsmanship for your new flooring.
  • Ten-Year Warranty Against Peeling and Delamination!

Precision Installation

Additionally, Ohio Garage Interiors has a reputation for offering superior precision with each and every flooring installation. Many other flooring contractors will advertise quicker turnaround with a one-day installation process. As a result, your flooring is more susceptible to forming unsightly defects such as gaps and buckling. With OGI, however, you receive more thorough installation with a two-day process. This gives the materials involved the appropriate amount of time to acclimate to your facility. Instead of rushing your project, we set aside time to ensure you receive reliable flooring without defects.

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Residential Flooring and Garage Storage Solutions

Ohio Garage Interiors also offers residential basement and garage flooring installation as well as garage storage solutions. Our residential flooring offers similar levels of strength and functionality to our commercial laminates and is just as stylish. OGI flooring is the best method for protecting your garage and basement flooring from Ohio weather and many other forms of wear and tear.

Our garage storage solutions are the perfect way to maximize your garage storage space and regain control of your garage. We offer the design and installation of garage cabinetry, overhead storage, storewall panels and a silver track wall system, all of which can be customized to best suit your needs. 

If you are looking for commercial flooring installation or residential garage and basement remodeling and design, contact Ohio Garage Interiors today!

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