Epoxy Flooring is the Best Ally in the Fight Against Germs

Stay Cleaner and Healthier with Epoxy Flooring

Doctors standing by windows in a long hospital hallway | Epoxy flooring applicationsNobody likes feeling sick, and most people do their best to minimize their exposure to germs. Unfortunately, washing your hands is not always enough to keep sickness at bay. Just having dirty surfaces in any building can increase the spread of germs, and flooring is a notorious offender in this regard. Many flooring materials are hotbeds for bacteria, but epoxy flooring is one of the few truly sanitary options out there.

Despite our namesake, polyaspartic epoxy flooring applications extend to far more than just upgrading your garage. These materials can make the flooring in hospitals, cafeterias, and restrooms much easier to clean and, in turn, more sanitary overall. Read below to learn more about how these locations can benefit from epoxy flooring.

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Hospital Floors | Preventing the Spread of Disease and Infection

Depending on your personal experience, the hospital can seem sterile or extremely dirty, and realistically, it is somewhere in between. A hospital is constantly bringing in and releasing patients with anything from a cough to serious injuries. Without going into too much detail, these patients create paths of germs, bacteria, and bodily fluids wherever they go. This makes it difficult to keep up with sterility anywhere outside of the OR.

A line of 3 hospital beds against a wall | Epoxy flooring hospitalsThe flooring takes the brunt of these bacteria-laden attacks, so the surface needs to offer maximum resistance against germ buildup. Flooring options like tile have grouting where bacteria can quickly grow and spread. This can significantly increase the chance of infection, putting patients at risk.

Polyaspartic epoxy flooring offers an antimicrobial surface with a non-slip surface. This means it is easier to clean and is less accommodating to germs. Hospital patients and medical staff deserve to work in a safe environment, and epoxy flooring plays a major role in keeping everyone healthy.

Cafeteria Floors | So Clean You Could Eat Off It

Empty cafeteria tables and chairs | Epoxy flooring for cafeteriasWhether a cafeteria is in a school, restaurant, or office building, everyone wants to eat at clean tables in a clean room. If the cafeteria is directly linked to an active kitchen, sanitation is even more important. A dirty floor can lead to foodborne illnesses, and you do not want the USDA to have to get involved.

While you may see tile flooring in some cafeterias, it is far from the best option. Particles from dropped food and spills will soak into the tile, which gradually spoils, spreads bacteria, and emits unpleasant odors. Food poisoning is no laughing matter, and the last thing anyone needs is someone falling ill from the 5 Second Rule.

Epoxy flooring’s antimicrobial surface is resistant to spills. Cleaning up messes is quick and easy, and food and drink will not settle into the flooring. People are also less likely to slip and fall due to the high-traction surface. For kitchens and cafeterias, epoxy flooring continues to be the best choice for safety and cleanliness.

Restroom Floors | Making Custodians’ Jobs a Little Easier

A bathroom with 3 urinals, 3 stalls, and a few sinks | Epoxy flooring restrooms

A restroom is probably one of the last places you would think of for epoxy flooring applications and the first place you think of for germs and bacteria. We all know that there is nothing sanitary about a public restroom, but we can still try our best to make them a little more inhabitable.

When you drop something on a restroom floor, it is best to either throw it in the trash or find some way to sterilize it. Epoxy flooring is not necessarily germ-free without regular cleaning, especially in a restroom. However, it can make you a little safer in the event you do drop something.

As has been thoroughly stated, epoxy flooring is anti-microbial and easy to clean. This not only makes the bathroom a little less dirty overall, but it also takes a bit of weight off the shoulders of custodians who have to clean these restrooms on a daily basis. Epoxy flooring is a sanitary flooring solution that makes everyone’s lives a little easier and safer.

Why is Polyaspartic Epoxy Flooring the Best Choice?

Here at Ohio Garage Interiors, we install flooring that contains polyaspartic polyurea. This is one of the most advanced flooring materials on the market, offering superior durability, longevity, and customizability. Dirt, dust, mildew, bacteria, corrosive chemicals, and even industrial-grade impacts are no match for our epoxy flooring.

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