Customer Introduction

Joe Calhoun, a resident of Southington, Ohio, had a vision for his garage — a complete transformation from a dull and disorganized space into a clean and functional oasis. While he had already made significant improvements to his garage, including metal paneling, fresh paint, and new light fixtures, the final piece of the puzzle was upgrading his deteriorating concrete garage floor.

Initial Assessment and Consultation

At first, Joe thought that taking the DIY route would be the best way to go. Before getting started doing the job on his own, he read multiple reviews of failed DIY attempts from others and reached out to Ohio Garage Interiors for input on the project. We were happy to chat with him about his needs and discuss his vision for the project. This consultation led him to the conclusion that a professional polyaspartic flooring installation would be best.

Expert OGI Installation

The heart of our exceptional service lies in the expert installation we complete on each and every project. With years of experience and expertise in polyaspartic flooring, our installation team transformed Joe’s garage floor. When finished, we left behind a durable, beautiful surface that is sure to serve Joe well for many years to come. The installation process was efficient, causing minimal disruption to Joe’s daily life along the way. Our signature two-day installation process ensures a longer-lasting finished product.

Customer Satisfaction

The transformation of Joe’s garage floor when the project was finished was nothing short of remarkable. The new polyaspartic flooring not only rectified the previous issues but also added a sleek and modern touch to the space. Joe was thrilled with the results and expressed his satisfaction with the service provided by Ohio Garage Interiors. His garage was now a clean, functional, and visually appealing area that perfectly complemented the other upgrades he had made.


The case of Joe Calhoun’s garage makeover highlights our dedication to delivering exceptional service. From the initial consultation to the expert installation and the final result, we proved our commitment to turning Joe’s vision into reality. Joe’s garage is now a testament to the value of a professional garage floor installation over a DIY project. For more information on what OGI has to offer your garage, reach out today!

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