Which Concept makes more Sense?

Ohio Garage Interiors Flooring System  –  Non-Porous Will not be stained or harmed by road salt, gasoline, oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, or pet urine.  Dried latex paint can be cleaned off our coating. Road salt residue, mud and everyday dirt sit on top (not in) our floor coating and can easily be swept or […]

Tips for Living Sustainably is locked Tips for Living Sustainably

It’s easy to embrace a greener lifestyle and make it part of your daily routine when you have an organized and efficient system. Set up an organized recycling center in your garage. In this “need it now” solution situated right outside the door, it’s easy to access frequently used items such as recyclables, dog food, […]

Garage Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

The garage floor coatings we install are extremely durable and resistant to many common garage messes. Ultimately no garage floors can avoid dust, dirt, and grime build up over time. If you are someone that cleans the garage floor weekly then this may not apply, however we all know that cleaning the garage floors may […]

Celebrity Garage Makeover: A Look Inside Michael Andretti’s Garage

Rev up your engines for this impressive garage makeover featuring IZOD IndyCar team owner and Celebrity Apprentice contestant Michael Andretti. Lack of efficient organization was one of the driving forces behind Andretti’s desire to revamp his garage with ORG home organization, one of The Stow Company’s brands “Our garage was a mess, and our stuff […]

Transform your Ceiling in your Garage!

Depending on the architecture of the house, many garages feature high ceilings that are very seldom used to their full potential. We have a number of solutions to transform that unused space into a practical, aesthetically pleasing storage space with overhead storage units. Our solid-steel overhead storage systems features the largest, most complete line of […]

Tips on choosing a choosing a garage enhancement contractor

Researching qualified contractors for your garage enhancement project can be a trying task.  With the rise in popularity of decorative floor coating systems and high-end garage cabinetry has come a rise in the number of general contractors offering the service.  This new breed of contractors, many of who jumped into this field to stay busy […]

Running out of room in your kitchen storage? Try the Garage!

One thing that goes almost unmentioned is the lack of storage most folks have in their home refrigerators or freezers. It’s not likely that the kitchen has room for additional cold or frozen food preservation, but the garage is often the best, most logical place for an additional fridge or freezer unit.   Consider that […]

Improving your Garage Lighting can make a Difference!

Typical garages over the years have been built with a few standard light bulbs hanging from the ceiling.  This was the extent of lighting for the space because the space was always thought of a raw utility area.  With the popularity of garage enhancement in the past several years, the garage is now being treated […]

Tips To Conquer A Messy Garage

Tripping over mountains of garage clutter? Well, you’re definitely not alone. Most garages have become catch-all storage zones, housing home improvement supplies like tools and paint, yard and garden necessities, recreational gear, and trash and recycling bins. Add bulky seasonal items like holiday lights and yard decorations to the mix and it’s no wonder the […]


  So you’ve done your due diligence and chosen a Garage enhancement company to come out and give you a free estimate. Here’s a few things you can do in preparation: The more the designer can see in your garage, the less chance for redesign or mistakes during installation. So try and clear items away […]