Benefits of a Quality Garage Floor Coating

Quality Garage Floor Coatings from Ohio’s Leading Contractors There are a myriad of benefits that come from coating your garage floor concrete with a quality coating. Some of these reasons are obvious, but some might surprise you. There are a wide variety of garage floor coatings available that range from store bought self-applications to professional […]

Open Shelves vs. Closed Storage Cabinets

Picking the Best Storage Options for Your Garage When renovating their garages, many people immediately opt for open shelves. Sure, they come in many shapes and materials, but shelves have a number of major limitations: their contents are on display for all to see, they offer relatively little storage space because of their limited depth […]

Bikes! Bikes! Bikes! What Are My Bike Storage Options?

Bike Storage Options from Ohio Garage Interiors We don’t know how many times we get this question as a garage enhancement company… “Where do we put the bikes??” Although this is a common question, it is not always an easy one to answer with our bike rack storage. Unfortunately fitting bikes in an average 2 […]

Garage Floor Coatings – Epoxy Basecoat vs. Polyaspartic Basecoat

Epoxy or Polyasartic Basecoat: Which is Better for Your Garage? At Ohio Garage Interiors we use a combination of a high-grade tinted epoxy base coats with a clear polyaspartic topcoat.  On the first day the concrete is prepped with a dustless mechanical grinding process. The floor is then coated with an epoxy into which vinyl […]

Upgrade to Concrete Steps is locked Upgrade to Concrete Steps

Concrete Steps are a Visually Stunning Upgrade for Any Garage Tired of those ugly wooden steps going from your garage into your home?  Typically when most homes are built in this area the builder uses the typical treated lumber steps with a 2×4 rail attached.  Not only is it an eyesore but they aren’t consistent […]

Which Concept makes more Sense?

What Flooring is Best for Your Garage? Ohio Garage Interiors Flooring System  –  Non-Porous Will not be stained or harmed by road salt, gasoline, oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, or pet urine.  Dried latex paint can be cleaned off our coating. Road salt residue, mud and everyday dirt sit on top (not in) our floor […]

Tips for Living Sustainably is locked Tips for Living Sustainably

Turn Your Garage Into Your Own Personal Recycling Center It’s easy to embrace a greener lifestyle and make it part of your daily routine when you have an organized and efficient system. Set up an organized recycling center in your garage. In this “need it now” solution situated right outside the door, it’s easy to […]

Garage Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning Your Garage Floor has Never Been Easier! The garage floor coatings we install are extremely durable and resistant to many common garage messes. Ultimately no garage floors can avoid dust, dirt, and grime build up over time. If you are someone that cleans the garage floor weekly then this may not apply, however we […]

Celebrity Garage Makeover: A Look Inside Michael Andretti’s Garage

Transform Your Garage Into the Perfect Extension of Your Home Rev up your engines for this impressive garage makeover featuring IZOD IndyCar team owner and Celebrity Apprentice contestant Michael Andretti. Lack of efficient organization was one of the driving forces behind Andretti’s desire to revamp his garage with ORG home organization, one of The Stow […]

Transform your Ceiling in your Garage!

Use Your Ceiling as Storage Space with OGI Overhead Storage Solutions Depending on the architecture of the house, many garages feature high ceilings that are very seldom used to their full potential. We have a number of solutions to transform that unused space into a practical, aesthetically pleasing storage space with overhead storage units. Our […]